I am glad that the internal investigation into the potential violations of the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) has run its course and is complete. I believe that the well-balanced and respectful joint opinion letter that council member Ciraulo and myself issued facilitated an oversight process which led to a moment of open and transparent government for the citizens of our city. While the investigation did not find any technical OPMA violations, it did find irrefutable and undeniable evidence that two members of the city council met in private to custom draft changes to our form of governance. It also issued a warning to conduct future city business at official city meetings only. In conclusion, we must move forward as a community and learn from this issue and become better leaders because of this experience. The result of this finding is now in the hands of the citizens who will decide (in casting their vote) whether their actions respected an open and transparent process which empowered the voice of the citizens or diminished it.