Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Camas Post Record chooses fake cop over real Fire Captain.

In yet another sign that "inconvenient truths" are deliberately left out of the news when a rag has an agenda (Of course, the Camas PR is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the democratian, so I suppose that kind of prevarication is to be expected) the Post Record has endorsed Sean Guard, fake cop, to keep his job as mayor of Washougal.

Between that clown car action and his recent, moronic dictate to city employees denying them the right to contact city council members, Guard has shown his lack of fitness for elective office... but the CPR decided not to mention those episodes in the hope that the people will have forgotten them by now.

The point of this post isn't to dispute that variety of idiocy; after all, the people of that city will decide.

But it IS to take the time to point out that Guard's escapades should be a factor in determining his lack of fitness for elective office: the rag damned well knows that, and their failure to remind the voting public is yet another effort to withhold information from the voter to effect the outcome.

Ultimately, the decision will be based on a variety of issues but those issues also include character and integrity... two aspects of Guard's tenure that his actions call into question.

And the Camas Post Record failed in their duty to mention it in their endorsement, the kind of selective application of facts that makes it clear that the democratian infection of agenda before news is fully realized at that publication as well.

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