Thursday, September 19, 2013

Steve Horenstein shows his confusion on the CRC.

Steve Horenstein is a leftist lawyer who, among other anti-community activities, represents, or has represented, the Cowlitz in their Casino Scam against the people of Southwest Washington.

Is it any wonder he'd engage in an effort to rape the commuting public of this same region?

Yesterday, this guy attempted to place something close to "blame" on Senators Ann Rivers and Don Benton for their successful efforts to kill the CRC Scam.  Here's his LTE.
As the former co-chair of Columbia River Crossing's Project Sponsor's Council, I read with concern the Sept. 5 editorial "Ignoring it won't help." Gov. Jay Inslee has always been and remains a strong supporter of CRC.
Which is just one of many reasons to remove Inslee from office.

He also shares this interesting habit with Horenstein, Like him, Inslee deludes himself and could care less about the people of this area.
The real cause of Washington state's failure to support the Columbia River Crossing project is identified within the editorial: "Inslee suffered a political defeat earlier this year when the state Senate opposed a major transportation bill he supported." More specifically, Sens. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, Ann Rivers, R-La Center, and Curtis King, R-Yakima, did not allow the Senate to move a transportation package so long as it contained funding for CRC. Gov. Inslee tried. The senators repeatedly said "no." If these three senators had not opposed CRC, we would have a truly bistate bridge project and we would not now be watching Oregon's valiant attempt to salvage the CRC project.
First, Oregon's effort at raping Washington State's sovereignty is anything BUT "valiant."  As a lawyer, Horenstein knows that words have meaning:   The state of Oregon and the special interests there who've been behind this light rail project from the beginning risk nothing if their tolling projections are right: they never are, of course, but still, there's nothing "valiant " about Oregon's effort to ignore the people of this county.

Second, a truly stupid, harmful, worthless project, bi-state or not, should never be built.
Senators, the pressure is on. We have statewide transportation projects, including CRC, that need funding. Don't let us down this time.
Killing this idiocy is the exact opposite of "letting us down."  The CRC should NEVER be, and likely, NEVER will be funded.  And that Horenstein was anywhere near this thing (And who elected him to have any role in this garbage heap?) is just another sign that they never intended to do anything the people wanted.... because what the people want conflicts with the agenda of the downtown mafia types like him.

In fact, it looks like Horenstein and Molehill took arrogance classes together in middle school.
Steve Horenstein
When the law is on your side, argue the law.

When the evidence is on your side, argue the evidence.

When you have neither, attack the other side's lawyer.

Generally speaking, letting this clown "down" along with every other member of the downtown mafia is PRECISELY what needs to happen.

Monuments should be raised to memorialize that showing the true courage needed to withstand the threats of scum like this actually surfaced at precisely the right time and at precisely the right place.

I get that as one of the "special" people, appointed to this thing... has a parochial interest in seeing this rammed down our throat.  I get that Horenstein's name is on this failure.

But I also get that he offers no alternative, save a demand that we chain ourselves down for Oregon's rape.

Alternatives are out there.  And instead of offering any of them up in an effort to compromise, what does Horenstein do?

He whines.  He moans.  He complains.  He bitches.  And he shows his confusion by confusing "blame" with "credit."

Rivers and Benton deserve a great deal of credit for derailing this rip off.  Unborn local generations will thank them for their efforts and iron-plated skins that have withstood this kind of garbage from bureaucrats and special interest types who are unfit to carry their luggage.

That Horenstein is pissed at Rivers and Benton just shows that when it comes to the CRC Scam, they're doing precisely the right thing. 

And Horenstein?

You don't like it?

Then feel free to move YOUR ass over to Oregon instead of attempting to move Oregon over here.

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