Sunday, September 29, 2013

Springfield Arms XDs Recall: They still don't get it. (FAQ)

So, Springfield Arms is starting to feel it.  The XDs recall is putting them in the hurt locker, and it's their own fault.

They finally have come clean on their FAQ:

Why it's taking so long:

We pledge to you that we are working as fast as we can, and have greatly increased our staff and number of shifts to ensure that we are leveraging every hour in the day.

We understand that our decision to announce a voluntary safety recall without a final solution in place has caused confusion and frustration. We sincerely apologize for that inconvenience. However, your safety is, and always has been, our paramount concern. And that is why we decided to issue the voluntary safety recall before we had a guaranteed upgrade solution in place.


Here's the thing: they could have issued  a warning to not fire the weapon and then begin the recall AFTER they had set up the system to fix it: (i.e. manufacture the right parts in big enough numbers, distributed to parts to gun sellers who could handle the repair, paid them to do it; enabled us to bring our guns in for a "while you wait" or at least an overnight repair, and then thrown in a 7 round magazine to apologize with.)

That way, many of us who bought this thing for personal protection would actually HAVE it for personal protection, instead of allowing it to gather dust in an SA warehouse.

This has nothing to do with OUR safety: instead, it has to do with THEIR perceived liability.
Our decision not to wait was based on putting you, our customer, first. Some companies build in several weeks of lead time before announcing their recalls. But, we didn't feel that was the most responsible approach in this case since our priority is your safety.
Since even THEY call this a "voluntary recall," this has squat to do with OUR safety.  OUR safety demands that we have personal protection weapons.  Right now, and apparently, for the indefinite future we are not GOING to have our personal protection weapons available to us.
Please know that we are committed to resolving this matter as quickly as possible and we are committed to ensuring that you will be very pleased with your upgraded 3.3 XD-S™. As a reminder, do not use your 3.3 XD-S™ until the upgrade has been performed.
*I* won't be "pleased" with it, ever, because I am going to get rid of this garbage as soon as possible, and get a gun where the company doesn't screw up, and then screw you by lying and misleading about the recall in the first place.

They should offer a full refund to everyone who can prove they bought it.  That's what I want, and that's what I and the thousands of others who find their XDs's held hostage by incompetence while we wait... and wait... and wait... for some nebulous, to be determined date to get this garbage back.

So, here's the thing, Springfield Arms: if I ever find myself in a situation where I NEED a gun but don't HAVE a gun because it's sitting on one of YOUR shelves, I'll just tell the bad guys to wait until you people get off the dime and ship my unfired, brand new .45 back before they shoot me.


I will never, ever, by a Springfield Arms product again.  Ever.  There is no excuse for this.  None.

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