Monday, September 30, 2013

Memo to Scott Campbell - New democratian web site: lipstick on a pig.

A while back, Lefty Lou Brancaccio mentioned a plan to kill traffic at the democratian web site: he wants to charge people to look at that garbage.

There are a variety of ways around the so-called "pay wall," but here's the thing: many newspapers have tried that idiocy... and many of those are bailing on the plan.

The local disgrace to journalism will likely, ultimately join that club of failure.

That said, the web site's appearance makes no difference.  No matter how they dress that pig up, it's still a hog with lipstick.

If Scott Campbell has any interest at all in revamping his rag, he needs to start with the staff.

Every current reporter needs to be fired.

Lefty Lou Brancaccio?  He's unfit to run a middle school newspaper, let along this rag.  You want increased circulation?

Then get rid of him, as well.

Next, get rid of the idiotic political blogs where the fringe-left leanings of the slime "reporters" are babbled at will without the constraints of "facts," under the guise that the "blogs" are "opinions."


Reporters are reporters.  News is news.  The tenets of journalism should apply to every word they write.  The blogs, in Lefty's "mind," relieves them of that responsibility much like Lefty himself ignores it.

Get rid of Brancaccio, Rice, Hidle, et al, and even I would consider paying for the paper.

Keep those scum... and, well, you get the drift.

Just sayin'.

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