Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Another day to be ashamed of the GOP: Boehner supports Obama's idiocy.

Boehner supports Obama military action in Syria... Developing...
First 'rebels' armed and trained by CIA 'on way to battlefield'...
Pelosi tells grandson: We're at war...

As Speaker of the House John Boehner has shown on too many occasions, "stupid truly is as stupid does."

First, no one in the GOP should support ANYTHING that worthless clown in the White House says or does, given his ongoing record of disaster for everything and anything he touches.

That moron's record of failure should give anyone, including Boehner, pause.  If he's screwed up everything he's done at every level... what the hell makes anyone think he won't screw this up as well?

Second, Boehner's position has that rank tinge of political expediency... not unlike the idiotic GOP efforts to implement yet another illegal alien amnesty.

Instead of doing what SHOULD be done, the effort is focused on doing what Boehner believes needs to be done based on politics... and the mistaken notion that caving on principle will result in gains at the ballot box... sort of a bastardization of Franklin's observation that those who can give up essential political liberty to obtain a little temporary political safety, deserve neither political liberty nor political safety.

For Boehner, this is nothing to cry about.  The Syrian issue is unsolvable and unsalvageable.  There is no upside.  The lack of foresight and understanding of the region, the lack of a plan, the lack of support.... this will be a colossal waste of time, effort, money and the wasting away of what's left of the thin skeleton of what used to be American Prestige... until this moron and his Klingon Princess squandered it.

None of this is new... or news... to Boehner.  We risk confrontation with the Russians and the Iranians.  We risk a complete loss of face when we ultimately may slaughter more people with our attack, specifically the increase in numbers of human shields Assad WILL use to protect his assets than Assad killed with the gas attack... if he, in fact, was responsible for it... and given the equal thuggery of both sides, there's a great deal of doubt that he was responsible... and accomplish absolutely nothing except the expenditure of billions as the cost for increasing hatred of America in the region.

How are the optics of killing as many children in our attacks as Assad did with his gas attack... if it was his... given how much time we've offered him to prepare?  How will that look?  Can the American government BE that stupid?

What am I asking?  Of COURSE we can with the idiots we have running the show now.

In all the many times Boehner has disappointed... every time he's jacked up the debt ceiling, for example... and there are many times he has; this time may cost us the most as, once again, he strives to prove people like me right. There really isn't much difference between the two parties... except the rate of rapidity that each party is working to throw us all over the cliff.


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