Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The idiocy of Paul Montague/Identity Vancouver continues: Steve Stuart is feeling it.

So, i was watching perhaps the biggest blithering CRC idiot next to Molehill snivel in front of the commissioners yesterday about their efforts to give a voice to the people of Clark County over the issues confronting us.

As expected, morons and CRC Scammers ... a few... a very few... came out and blasted the program.  They essentially said the same things, over and over.  Like the rest of the CRC Lemmings, they only supported the current iteration of the CRC Scam, and anything else was a waste.

Among those leading the charge to keep the will of the people out of the projects they support?

Paul Montague of Identity Vancouver and the tipsy Kelly Parker of the Chamber of Horrors.
"We elected you to be representatives, to make informed decisions in the best interest of Clark County," said Paul Montague. The executive director of Identity Clark County said he was speaking as a private citizen. "Putting these measures on the ballot flies in the face of representative government."
That Montague repeatedly slammed his own face into the table as a "private citizen" is a difference without a distinction.  What that simple moron fails to understand is this:

If he doesn't want to hear from us.... then why should we ever want to hear from him or the group he leads, to their ever-lasting shame?

As I pointed out in my emailed testimony
Back when it mattered, Commissioner Stuart told us that an advisory vote would, in fact, be a “fake vote”  (March 31, 2011 “Boldt, Stuart reject call for advisory vote on CRC") but now, all of a sudden, it wouldn’t be “fake?”
Yet, all of a sudden, yesterday,
"It's a small price to pay to get the pulse of the people," said Commissioner Steve Stuart, who used to work for a market research firm. "This is relatively inexpensive for the response we'll get. It's a bargain."

Then why wasn't it "a bargain" a year ago?  Five years ago?

This is pure politics on Stuart's part.  When he runs for re-election... IF he runs for re-election... he certainly won't be the one taking credit for joining with fellow democrat Marc Boldt to kill the charter vote or an advisory vote on the CRC Scam or lying about holding a CTran vote in November of 2011 as a part of his bogus re-election campaign in 2010.

No, he'll try and portray himself as the guy who gave us a voice... even though THAT effort is, in fact, the result of the efforts of Commissioners Mielke and Madore.

 And folks, there's only ONE reason he opposed this effort back when it really mattered and supports this effort now: it's because he sees the writing on the wall and he has no interest in joining his fellow CRC Scammer in unemployment next year after the general election.

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