Monday, August 05, 2013

My testimony on August 5 against Steve Stuart's I-5 ballot scam.

My name is Kelly Hinton and I’m here to testify in opposition to Commissioner Stuart’s effort to have a vote on the I-5 Bridge scam.

Back when it mattered, Commissioners Stuart and Boldt denied us the opportunity to have a say.  They, along with the rest of the CRC Scammers didn’t want to hear it.

Back when it mattered, Commissioner Stuart told us that an advisory vote would, in fact, be a “fake vote”  (March 31, 2011 “Boldt, Stuart reject call for advisory vote on CRC) but now, all of a sudden, it wouldn’t be “fake?”

Back when it mattered, Commissioner Stuart REJECTED the effort to have a Charter Vote.  Now, with his impending defeat looming ahead next year, it’s suddenly a great idea?

Back when it mattered, Commissioner Stuart firmly opposed a vote on the CRC Scam.  Now, with his political career hanging by a thread, I see no point in tossing him or any of the rest of the downtown mafia a life line in an effort to keep his floundering political career afloat.

The writing is on the wall.  By November of next year, the people of this county will not have forgotten Commissioner Stuart's efforts to ram the CRC Scam down our throats and his repeated denials of our requests for a vote on this project, as he joined with the local disgrace of a newspaper in belittling and insulting those of us who demanded such a vote over a period of many years.

This is a desperate attempt for Commissioner Stuart to salvage a political career that’s on the rocks.  In everything from his fake allegations against his fellow commissioners for collusion back when he was running the lynch mob during the meeting on the evening of May 7 to his sudden “come to Jesus” effort to NOW put a charter vote on the ballot after rejecting it just two short years ago when he had a democrat majority on the commission… along with the democrat party effort to expand the commissioners to five…. All of that is about Stuart’s effort to resurrect a failing political career in an effort to avoid the inevitable outcome suffered by Marc Boldt last November.

This is Commissioner Stuart’s effort to avoid the same fate as Marc Boldt… for the same reasons.

You had your chance, Commissioner Stuart… and you blew it.  When we needed you to lead, you turned a deaf ear.

But next year is looming large, and Commissioner Stuart is doing all he can to avoid Commissioner Boldt’s fate…  and I see this as a part of that.  So, no… I see no need to reward Commissioner Stuart or any of the other winged monkeys of the CRC Scam by allowing them another bite of the apple… when now, finally, it DOESN’T matter.

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