Let's see what you've served up today, John. You go on about how women are appropriately prominent in Washington State politics. You could have also mentioned that this US Congress will feature record numbers of female Senators and Representatives. That's good news, but sort of contradicts the point of your story.

Then, you claim that the US House blew off the Violence against Women Act, without admitting they passed a modified version in 2012 that the Senate wouldn't agree to. I'm not saying that the House version was wonderful, but your insinuation that the House summarily turned their backs on millions of women is intentionally deceptive.

For the encore, you dredge up a "scoop" on Pat Robertson, as if he's the official representative of conservative men in this country. Pat's foolish comments may be newsworthy, but no more significant than a fart in church: It stinks, but it doesn't last long.

So, John, your column is a bit weak this morning. For a real assessment of how women are are ignored in today's society, maybe you'll tell us about management staffing at The Columbian. That stink will last a little longer.