Sunday, February 03, 2013

Slimebag Jim Moeller positions himself as arbiter of "what's best for Washington" on the CRC scam.

For now, the attention turns to Olympia and Salem. With the Washington and Oregon legislatures getting back in session, supporters of the CRC are pushing for the two states to come up with $450 million each toward building the project. Act now, they argue, or risk losing the chance at crucial federal grant dollars.
The loss of "crucial federal tax dollars" is of course, precisely what the people want.

Since we don't want this rip off to be built.

This state is cursed with the representation of Rep. Jim Moeller (Communist-49) a despicable human being who, much like the newspaper, puts his own agenda miles ahead of that of the people.

In a rather disjointed and unrealistic snap shot of the CRC (Now circling the drain at an ever-increasing rate)  Moeller is laughingly quoted in a way that illustrates his effort to simply bypass what the people of this region want: 
In Washington, the CRC is just one of multiple megaprojects in the state. It's a defining issue for Clark County, but not for the Puget Sound region, which is often a driving force in Olympia's political agenda. That's why it's going to take a larger funding package -- a compromise -- to steer money toward the CRC, said Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver.
"We're going to have to look at basically what's best for the state of Washington," Moeller said. "This stuff about what's best for me or what's best for my district is not going to fly. We're all in this."
What you mean "we," idiot stick?

MORE money does NOT equal a "compromise."  And did you ever notice that with Moeller, the answer is ALWAYS "more money?"
Moeller said there are several possible ways to help pay for such a package with new revenue. It might be a higher fuel tax, he said. Motor vehicle taxes. Freight fees. Even bicycle or electric vehicle fees.
With scum like Moeller, doing the right thing... the obvious thing... and refusing to build this steaming pile just simply never occurs to them.  Moeller has a way of working to stick it to us, and laughing while he does it.
"If Washington doesn't commit to its part, it won't happen," said Oregon Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario. "It's that simple. Either they will step up, or they won't."
Said Moeller: "We have to both step up to the plate."
 No, Jim, we don't.  We don't HAVE to do anything.

It's not surprising the local legislator they quote the most is their boy Moeller: he's been bending both himself and the rest of us over for this scam for years, now.  And naturally, the rag continues to embargo the news concerning the Oregon Supreme Court decision that laid bare the breadth and depth of this scam, the institutional policy of muting and ignoring public input and the fact the scam of the "locally preferred rip off" was a farce from the get-go.

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