Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The cowardice of Jaime Herrera Beutler reconfirmed.

There are at least two things I make no bones about: I hate the very idea of the GOP caving... again... on illegal alien amnesty... and I hate the fact that our congresswoman is a stone, cold, coward.

What these two things have in common is this:

McCain defends immigration plan to angry residents...

John McCain, I've come to believe, is one of the RINO's who views Republican principles as mere speed bumps to be crushed by a road-grader-like indifference to both our country and our future.

I supported him back in 08 as opposed to the complete waste of skin in the White House we have now but in reality, there's little to differentiate the two.  Watching McCain and the other RINOs cave to the misguided idea that the Hispanics will suddenly fall all over them because of the move towards democrat-lite is like watching a slow-motion train wreck that never ends.

But there is one thing I admire about McCain that causes me to deepen my disgust for our card-board cut out of a caricature of a Member of Congress.

He is fearless in going out in public and defending his positions... no matter how wrong they are.

Unlike Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Herrera is very big on the "bright, shiny object" brand of politics.

She talks a great deal... but accomplishes essentially nothing.

Because what she accomplishes... nothing... isn't nearly as important as what she tries to get us to BELIEVE she accomplishes. She demands that we confuse her motion with actual action.

And, she is unfit to carry John McCain's brief case.

Like McCain or hate him or his politics, you have to admire his determination and fearlessness in going out against most all comers to defend his positions.

Like McCain or hate him or his politics, he stands as an example of the courage of his convictions... no matter, again, how misplaced they may be.

And that brings us to Herrera.  Ridgefield Barbie is all about the big splash... not so much about the follow-through.

Remember her letter about the CRC?  It was a bunch of (false) words that were utterly meaningless..

She's told us she would be guided by the outcome of the CRC vote... which, of course, merely stated what any sentient being in Clark County already knew: that the people hate the CRC scam.

How has that translated?  What has she done?

It hasn't.  And nothing.

In fact, our Cowardwoman hasn't even told us what her take on women in combat is.  And I can't believe they haven't given it to her yet.

And her grandstanding on the NPS/Pearson deal, a colossal waste of time to punch out a worthless hero bill

See, here's the thing: I would rather be represented by a devout leftist who will actually listen to the people... then a cowardly fake conservative, beloved by the RINO mainstreamers, who lacks the courage to meet us all in an open town hall meeting.

It's our curse to be represented by a cowardly empty suit, a do-nothing trophy congresswoman.

Had she cared about the people of this district, she actually could have done something.  But since she only cares about herself, lies and misdirection are the best we can expect.

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