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The latest political lies from Rep. Jim Moeller (Communist - 49)

In keeping with Brancaccio's liar's meme, next up is Jim Moeller.

The meme, furthered by a bizarre, irrelevant column from Lou Brancaccio yesterday, goes like this:
"When you get away with a lie, it often impels you to continue your deceptions. Liars often find themselves perpetrating more untruths to cover themselves."
And Brancaccio should know, right?

But then, there's Jim Moeller, whom, to our ever-lasting shame, has been repeatedly re-elected by a bunch of ignorant sheep more concerned about getting their government check than voting for the best candidate (Typical of the Obama voter, come to think of it, just at a lower level.)

Moeller's main claim to fame to date includes the idiocy of this destroyed-at-the-polls candy tax and for suing his constituents because they were smart enough to vote to put fiscal hand-cuffs on the textbook tax and spender that Moeller serves as the proto-type for.

Right now, he knows the entirety of this project is to ram loot rail down our throats.  He's aware that many of his positions are flat out lies.  He knows that replacing the bridge will accomplish nothing except to get his union buddies a job for awhile, yoking the small businesses and people/families of Clark County, the 65,000 commuters already hammered by the Oregon income tax; with the additional burden of $1300 or more each  per year for the next several decades as part of his fringe social engineering effort... hurting families, hurting children, hurting the business that will depend on the $100,000,000 a year in discretionary income and sales tax these families will not have to pay... because of Moeller... if he gets his way.

Unfortunately, until now, he's been successful in assisting in the absolute waste of $140 million to keep his owners happy.  Until now.

All, of course, without a vote, because, well, hell: the people are FAR too stupid to actually have any SAY, right?

Of course, that's part of the reason why former Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt actually IS "former."  He shared Moeller's view on things, and turned his back on the will of the people... and look what that got him?

In an article published, oddly enough,  by the Chinook Observer discussing the major problems that describe the stupidity of the CRC scam.

Lie 1:
“This limitation will very likely prevent the CRC project from realizing its $1.2 billion target for funding from tolling. Failure to toll 1-205 will result in actual reduction in I-5 travel, as drivers choose to cross at I-205 to avoid the I-5 toll,” said Stacey.
Moeller disagrees with Stacey’s analysis. “People will probably divert to the I-205 bridge to start with, but people want to get home. And if they’re waiting in traffic because they’re going to save money from a toll, they’d much rather take the convenient route eventually,” he said.
It's takes a completely self-deluded moron to believe that the few minutes it would take to divert to I-205 would somehow be worth less than paying $8 or so in a toll.  That kind of stupidity isn't natural; Moeller really has to work on it to get there:


 Lie 2:
Moeller says that if the proper funding for the Washington portion of the project is not obtained, it will have come down to partisan politics. “If we fail in getting the money from the state of Washington, I think we failed in the best deal we can get going across the river for the future of our state,” he said. “If we fail, it will not be because the Democrats wanted it to fail. It will be because the Republicans did.”
Everything that opposes scum like Moeller equates racism, bigotry and/or partisanship.

It's typical of whack jobs like Moeller to hide behind that garbage: he immediately dismisses the concerns of those of us who acknowledge reality; he believes himself to be the smartest guy in the room, and he clearly doesn't give a rat's ass what anyone other than Moeller wants.

What we've got here are Senator's representing their constituents.  What we've got her is a county-wide commissioner race where one essentially unfunded anti-CRC commissioner won his race and secured 21,000 more votes than the pro-CRC, faux Republican lackey of this project, as much a referendum as possible under these circumstances.

WHEN this fails, it's because men and women of principle stood up and did the right thing, unlike Moeller who bends over every hour on the hour for the special interests who own him like the 13th Amendment was never passed.

Lie 3:
Moeller supports the extension of light-rail, believing it would benefit Washingtonians and help with traffic-congestion relief.
Exclusive of the fact that no transportation system that has to be subsided as much as $26 per ride one way EVER makes sense, this lie is that a completed bridge would, in fact, provide anything close to "congestion relief," and the proof is all around him.

Oregon has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on loot rail.

How's their congestion looking?

If he believes this will have any positive impact on congestion, then I've got a bridge I can sell him.

Lie 4:
“Light rail is essential,” he maintained. “It’s part of the project. It was part of the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA); it was selected as the high-capacity-transit option. There are times when it makes sense to use light rail rather than bus rapid transit. We have a two-and-a-half mile spur that connects to 56 miles of established and running light rail. We would be foolish not to be a part of that.”
This entire paragraph is a lie.

Loot rail is NOT "essential."  As a fringe-left nutter, Moeller is incapable of differentiating between his "wants" and what actually IS "essential."

The people of this county, including most of his district, do not WANT the Crime Train.

Spending billions of dollars to move a small fraction of the public is an absolute abortion of legislative power.  There's no excuse nor justification for this rip off... EXCEPT his keepers demand it of him.

 Lie 5:
 Moeller believes that those taking light rail now would likely continue to do so. He said light-rail commuters are used to taking extra measures when it comes to planning their commutes. Additionally, some people view light rail as a less stressful experience. “They don’t have to worry about the hassles of finding and paying for parking,” he said.
Well, no one from here is taking loot rail.  We don't have it.

What Moeller doesn't acknowledge is the obvious fact that MOST loot rail riders USED to ride buses that took the same routes.  Now they HAVE to use loot rail because the buses no longer run on loot rail routes.

What "some people" think is utterly irrelevant.  "SOME" people think Moeller isn't a complete idiot, but those numbers are low and getting smaller.  And this waste of skin apparently fails to understand that people will have to park their cars SOMEWHERE in order to get to be able to RIDE loot rail.  Cars are not magically going to disappear.

Lie 6:
Moeller was more forthcoming with his criticisms, claiming the filing of SB 5090 was grandstanding.

“It’s not going to get a hearing in the House,” Moeller declared. “All it is, is an opportunity for Senator Benton to get his anti-light rail people together over in the Senate and have a little kumbaya.”
Well, moron, here's the deal: the GOP calls the shots, and what they'll be doing is dancing around the fire fueled by copies of anything YOU want passed to continue to ram it in... and break it off.

You did note that DEMOCRAT Senator Paul Shin is a co-sponsor, right, idiot stick?

 Lie 7:
The effect the completed CRC project would have on tourism has yet to be studied. Wylie and Moeller believe that the finished bridge and light rail can only lead to an improvement in tourism to Washington state.

“More cars, more freight and a greater ability to handle tourists,” said Moeller.
Completely false.  Further, out of state travelers will take 205 to bypass downtown, already hammered by the idiocy of a Taliban mayor and city council, meaning that those businesses will be hurt as well.

That Moeller WANTS it to be true doesn't mean it's GOING to be true.  And in his fantasy world, this massive rip off will solve every problem known to man... when, in fact, it won't solve any of them.

Lie 8:
She (Rivers) said, “Some citizens were coming to me with great ideas and information but I never heard anything about them from either the CRC or the Department of Transportation, ODOT or WSDOT and it seemed to me that they were ideas that merited discussion. So, you can imagine my disappointment when we allotted some 20 or 24 hours of testimony to the agencies – C-Tran, ODOT, WSDOT and CRC – we gave less than an hour to the citizens.”
Moeller, on the other hand, found the committee’s attempts to incorporate public opinion to be commendable. “I think it can be used as a model for public engagement,” he said.
According to the CRC Oversight Subcommittee’s project timeline, construction is to begin late in 2014.
Moeller, a lying slimeball if ever there's been one, has apparently never heard of the ballot.  You want public input?  Then hold a fricking vote.


It has been the policy of the CRC since the very beginning to ignore the public: their memo confirmed it.

So, if, in Moeller's bizarro world, the CRC "serves as a model for public engagement," he needs some serious psychiatric help.

In these quotes, almost everything Moeller uttered was not only a lie, but a self-evident lie.  That he continues to utter these lies tends to prove Brancaccio's quote at the very beginning:

He lies because he's been lying for so long that he's incapable of telling the truth.

And that's too bad.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, I went to the first two CRC Oversight Committee meetings. I wish I had that damn green sheet still from the first meeting. They were not going to take ANY public comment during the course of the testimony. As honest as my head and heart, I am telling you, the only reason I believe they allowed that hour was there was private or public pressure after the second meeting to force it.
Ask Carolyn Crain, Debbie Peterson and others about the first meeting's circus! Look back in your archives of Lew and your blog, where they didn't even allow the public or reporters to ride the bus that was going around to the various affected sites.... Even remember the damn picket in front of the City Hall to let individual members of the CRC Oversight Committee let them know?

The Paula was on the phone with someone down stairs to try and shepherd the individual legislators and people within the framework past the people protesting.... Man, I have so much more to say.... -- Jeremy