Thursday, January 10, 2013

Remember the democrats lying about sanctions when the local GOP sanctioned Boldt?

Yeah, the democratian daily rolled around in the agony of the local GOP. Democrats lined up to lie about how they would NEVER do such a thing merely because Boldt decided to vote like Obama.

You remember, don't you?

Putting the lie to local democrats and the Boldt matter.

As you may recall, the garbage the Columbian heaped out there for Boldt... from whom they once demanded his resignation while he was in the legislature, but whom they now love because he's mistaken their agenda for that of the people who elected him... was done to protect Boldt and engage in a little image rehabilitation... and it led to utter nonsense like this:
Of course, local Democrats could hardly contain their glee over dissension in the enemy camp, boasting about their “big-tent” inclusiveness and huffing that they would never deign to expose any donkey’s warts. Why, that’s beneath the dignity of local politics! County Commissioner Steve Stuart, a Democrat, noted that “it is amusing to see Republicans eat their own, but it is bad for the community.”
Well, naturally Stuart would say that: Democrat Stuart has been the recipient of two of Boldt's endorsements.
The Clark County Democrats, in contrast, do not sanction officials.
“The Clark County Democrats are a ‘big tent’ organization,” Vice Chairman Nick Ande wrote in an email. “We don’t assume that all Democrats are going to have exactly the same views, and we appreciate that diversity in viewpoint within our party rather than admonishing it. No county Democrat has been blacklisted because they have what are perceived as more moderate viewpoints.”
Stephanie Rice wrote this slavish garbage, apparently unable to remember that the democrat party extends far beyond the borders of Clark County. 
Well, if that didn't make you blow chunks...

We all knew it was a lie when the rag printed it.  But then, there's no lie they won't tell when their agenda is at risk.  Fortunately, the voters saw through it... and here's an additional proof from the Seattle PI:
Home district Democrats: Damn you, Sen. Tom!

The 48th District Democrats, who worked to elect him, on Wednesday night condemned State Sen. Rodney Tom, D-Medina, who decided to caucus with Senate Republicans and flipped control of the Washington State Senate’s upper chamber.

By a 30-8 margin, the party organization in Tom’s Eastside district said he will be “ineligible for our future endorsement and support under our bylaws” unless Tom repents and submits to the leadership slate selected by State Senate Democrats.

The resolution came hours just hours before Tom strutted his new found power — he will be Senate majority leader, with help from 23 Republicans and fellow dissident Democrat Sen. Tim Sheldon, D-Shelton — at the annual Associated Press forum in Olympia that precedes the meeting of the Legislature.

The 48th District Democrats said Tom’s decision to caucus with the Republicans puts in jeopardy court-ordered funding for K-12 education, affordable higher education at the state’s public colleges, and adequate resources to mental health programs.

In recent years, Seattle-area Democratic organizations have made endorsements a big, even dominant, part of their lives.

The generally liberal attendees have tended to consider party loyalty a paramount value, even though many of today’s Baby Boomer Democrats got their start years ago opposing the Vietnam War policies and renomination of a Democratic president, Lyndon Johnson.

The 48th District Democrats seemed genuinely hurt at Tom’s actions, noting that he was elected in 2006 and 2010 “with the endorsement of, and financial and volunteer support from, the 48th District Democrats and other Democratic organizations and elected officials.”
Because, as the democrats here lied, they would NEVER do such a thing.



Lew Waters said...

Now you have to remember, if it weren't for double standards, they would have no standards at all.

Anonymous said...

Nice, point Lew. -- Jeremy