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Putting the lie to local democrats and the Boldt matter.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother in law and I worked as his Legislative Aide for 6 years.)

The local Democrat Daily (Aka, The Columbian) made a great deal about local GOP efforts to reign in Marc Boldt, one of two democrat commissioners currently on the Board of Commissioners.  of course, that none of this is anybody's business but the GOP and Boldt is all besides the point... given how much the local rag softballed the then democrat Rep. Jim Jacks debacle wherein they covered for his alcohol-fueled conduct with female staff in Olympia.

Portraying Boldt as some sort of victim, democrats hypocritically raised the hue and cry as a result of sanctions against Boldt, brought about by the local party organization because Boldt has long since dropped any pretense of being a Republican for a long list of reasons in everything from endorsing his fellow democrat on the Commission against Boldt's former room mate, Commissioner Tom Mielke, to currently kowtowing to the downtown special interests... and the democrats... to nail us all with a bridge we don't want, loot rail we don't need, and tolls we can't afford.

There's a great many other issues about Boldt that I'll begin to bring out shortly... some of them are doozies... but, oddly enough, that's not the reason for this post.

The reason for this post is to prove that democrats are just as partisan as the GOP, demand even more allegiance to the party line, and will cheerfully sanction the crap out of you if you stray... even going so far as to demand that you cease using the term democrat to describe yourself for campaign purposes.

As you may recall, the garbage the Columbian heaped out there for Boldt... from whom they once demanded his resignation while he was in the legislature, but whom they now love because he's mistaken their agenda for that of the people who elected him... was done to protect Boldt and engage in a little image rehabilitation... and it led to utter nonsense like this:
Of course, local Democrats could hardly contain their glee over dissension in the enemy camp, boasting about their “big-tent” inclusiveness and huffing that they would never deign to expose any donkey’s warts. Why, that’s beneath the dignity of local politics! County Commissioner Steve Stuart, a Democrat, noted that “it is amusing to see Republicans eat their own, but it is bad for the community.”
Well, naturally Stuart would say that: Democrat Stuart has been the recipient of two of Boldt's endorsements.
The Clark County Democrats, in contrast, do not sanction officials.
“The Clark County Democrats are a ‘big tent’ organization,” Vice Chairman Nick Ande wrote in an email. “We don’t assume that all Democrats are going to have exactly the same views, and we appreciate that diversity in viewpoint within our party rather than admonishing it. No county Democrat has been blacklisted because they have what are perceived as more moderate viewpoints.”
Stephanie Rice wrote this slavish garbage, apparently unable to remember that the democrat party extends far beyond the borders of Clark County. 

Of course, here, locally, the party has run and elected a bunch of automatons to office, incapable of independent thought.

When you run your organization like the Supreme Soviet and all your candidates are stamped our miniatures, of course you don't "sanction officials."

But things are different around the state.  Ask Independent County Commissioner Tim Sheldon, who also happens to be Democrat State Senator Tim Sheldon of Mason County.

Or, better yet, ask Guy Palumbo, challenging State Senator Rosemary McAuliffe (D-1) (Think in terms of Rep. Moeller in a dress for a political perspective) in the upcoming election... and doing it as a democrat.

Here's Nick Carlson, Chair of the democrat 1st district's take:.

Candidate Should Get Out and Stay Out, Democratic Official Says – No Room for Dissent on Charter Schools

1st District Chairman Insists That Democrat Guy Palumbo Drop Challenge to Rosemary McAuliffe – Palumbo Files Papers Anyway

By Erik Smith
Washington State Wire
Senate candidate Guy Palumbo, who filed papers Monday to challenge Rosemary McAuliffe.
OLYMPIA, May 15.—Apparently not even President Barack Obama could run as a Democrat in Washington’s 1st Legislative District. In a blistering email to a candidate who filed as a Democrat in a suburban King County district, Nicholas Carlson, chairman of the 1st District Democrats, says no one who supports charter schools can ever consider himself a true Democrat. And he tells candidate Guy Palumbo to get out and stay out.
“I demand you cease campaigning as a Democrat immediately,” he says.
It’s the kind of email that might make you wonder how much room there is for dissent within Democratic party ranks – at least in the area surrounding Seattle, where the party is strongest. A copy of the email, obtained by Washington State Wire, is presented in full below.
For the record, no party official in Washington state has the power to impose any qualification on any candidate who runs under the party banner. Political beliefs are a matter between a candidate and the voters. But Carlson’s email appears to underscore a point made in another email that circulated widely earlier this year. In that one, prominent venture capitalist and Democratic-party financier Nick Hanauer accused Democratic leaders at the statehouse of squashing every major attempt at education reform in an effort to appease the politically powerful Washington Education Association. Party leaders have become “stooges for the teachers union,” he said. In the furor that followed, many who hailed Hanauer as a progressive hero now denounced him as a bum.
In his note to Guy Palumbo, candidate for Senate in the Bothell-area district, Carlson says that support for charter schools is an automatic disqualifier for any candidate who wishes to run as a Democrat. He advises Palumbo to run as a Republican instead. He explains that if Palumbo files for office as a Democrat, he can expect “a coordinated and very damaging response using all the tools at our disposal.”
The threat didn’t keep Palumbo from filing for office Monday. Contacted by Washington State Wire, Palumbo says he is mystified. After all, President Obama supports charter schools, Palumbo says. That means Obama can’t be considered a true Democrat, either.

Yeah, democrats... that's a HUGE tent you're living under.

Until it isn't.

Of course, Rice has been around for awhile, so her portrayal of Boldt as victim and then letting Ogden get away with that "we don't sanction" garbage is just part and parcel of the water carrying going on here.

Just sayin.'

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