Sunday, January 06, 2013

One wonders.

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Anonymous said...

:) I see you heard yesterdays game like I did. Loved watching a DC team get beat. But we DO have to remember their rookie quarterback was hurt and level when it became clear the game was almost over and if he continued to play, there would be further serious injury...

But what I loved is, they STILL won without their kicker playing much. In the early days of this season, their kickers were the reason and how they kept the games close. Remember that?

Now that Wilson has played better every single week and their defensive players are back from the performance enhancing stuff, they are going to be a bigger concern than most of the east coast teams...

And as Steve Raible (the co-announcer said it first) this is the first time in 25 years or so, that the Seahawks have WON their division playoff game at this level. All the other times, it was a fluke of other teams losing and they were at the ready to take the spot or opportunity.
So next season may be tougher, they have two great coaches subcoaches, Bevill and Bradley that might leave to become head coaches and some contracts might have to be renewed for this team or people traded in the off season.
So the look of this team might not be the same as you see it at the end of this season. And the Seahawks next year might be in a different spot than they are now... -- jeremy