Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Memo to Greg on your anti-Madore/Mielke fetish.

I post opposing points of view when they're not psychotic, unsubstantiated drivel.

Your perspectives have frequently been published here, as moronic as they are, and I've crushed you here repeatedly on a wide variety of subjects... can you say, for example, "ballpark scam?"  (I especially like your "done deal, nothing you can do about it" series and your "golf course green fee" series.  Epic.)

So, here's the thing: you don't like what I put up here?

Then don't read it.  But this petulant playground punk nonsense gives me pause to wonder:

Does your mommy know you're playing on the internet?

You are not going to see anything put up on this blog with your name attached to it.  Feel free to waste your time, but your motives are something entirely different than what's best for this community, as you have proven repeatedly.

Have a nice life somewhere else because you damned sure ain't having it on this blog.


Lew Waters said...

Seems our buddy Greg thinks he has a right to spew his nonsense anywhere he pleases. He is no longer welcome to comment on my blog either and anything he tries to put up just goes to trash.

As you say, it would be something different were he to actually engage in discussion, but both he and his bud Mike Briggs are not interested in discussing, just promoting the leftist insanity of CRC, Baseball or whatever else the downtown mafia dreams up.

Time they put on their big girl panties and realize, Madore won, DONE DEAL!

Just a guy said...

And calling you a moron, Greg, is much like calling Hitler a nazi. Fits like a glove, doncha know?