Sunday, January 13, 2013

More idiocy from Jim Moeller.

Seems like every time Laird spews more of his delusional fring-left babble, (That I shredded here) along comes his fellow neo-communist, Rep. Jim Moeller (State Representative - Communist 49) to suck up like Spike around a bulldog in one of those old cartoons.

In today's insanity, Laird troweled out garbage through glasses that were so rose-colored a normal human being couldn't see through them.

Now Moeller, moronic enough to think he's blocked me from his little droppings on the Lazy C, had to come along and show his ignorance and Laird's effort to scam us into thinking hiss efforts to piss on our legs is, in fact, rain.

  • Jim Moeller ·  Top Commenter
    Good article! Our best days ARE ahead if us! We live in a gorgeous state with people who want to be involved in the world around them - what could be better?
Given that it was typical of the self-delusion Laird spews every week, it's not surprising that another nutter might agree with it.

In answer, however, to his really clueless question: What could be better?

How about a state representative who isn't so fricking arrogant and full of himself that he believes he NEEDS to sue his own constituents over their initiative, passed repeatedly, designed to keep communists like Moeller from taxing us into bankruptcy?

THAT would be better, in case he is really wondering.

As a country, Moeller's heroes are drowning unborn generations in debt.  Locally, Moeller wants to do the same by yoking the people of Clark County with unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary tolls to pay for the loot rail scam he's so enamored of, a waste of BILLIONS... all, of course, without having the respect of his constituency that would require even the MOST arrogant putz to ASK US FIRST.

And then THIS beauty.

Another poster pointed out the following:

"Let's hope they (Our children and their children and so on -ed) remember that history has a way of repeating itself, and it's healthy to be skeptical of a government that believes it can spend itself to greatness.

What was idiot-stick's response?

Jim Moeller ·  Top Commenter
And hopefully as skeptical of one that believes it can cut itself into prosperity.

It takes a SERIOUS kind of stupid to respond that way.

As spelled out later in the same thread:.

Jim, when we are spending almost half again what we are taking in, I would say we have a LONG way to go on cutting expenses. Jim, our standard of living is a borrowed standard of living, we CANNOT continue that. When growing numbers of people are living off the govt (about 50% now, and if the article this week is true and the entitlement mentality of college students is accurate), the numbers will continue to swell, and this once great country will have been done in by you progressives, who have taken us to your Nirvana.

Can't be written much better.

One out of every 3 dollars being blown by the Fed is BORROWED!

TRILLIONS since his hero, Obama, was elected... and not the slightest concern from Moeller.... or that waste of skin Obama, come to think of it.

Five generations or more from now, our relatives will be paying this idiocy off.

Moeller, of course, expresses no concern whatsoever.  Like his CRC fetish, he doesn't give a damn about any of us unless we're part of one of the special interests that own him like the 13th Amendment was, in fact, the 13th Suggestion.

For me, I find it that people like Moeller, bent on our destruction as a viable economic unit, are in government at ANY level.

Obviously, in the sheep pen of the 49th, you may not be able to fool all of the people ALL of the time... but as communist like Moeller can fool enough of them long enough to get sent back to Olympia.... the political equivalent of a classic domestic violence scenario where the victim keeps going back to the perpetrator.

The problem?

Moeller has millions of victims.  But only those few ignorant people living in his district vote for him.

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