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Delusional democratian 2fer: Brancaccio and Laird.

It's a shame that we're cursed by two delusional leftist running the show at the Daily Democrat.

Today, for example, the fringe-left nutters babbled thusly:
In the House, local clout will be wielded by Moeller, the speaker pro tempore who will preside over debates. Moeller also will serve on the Rules Committee, which makes crucial decisions about which bills advance from committees.
The position of Speaker Pro Tem is entirely ceremonial.  "Presiding over debates," for example means "presiding" over bills that are on the floor: on that, the Pro Tem has no more say than anyone else on rules.

Further, Moeller's insipid, stupid demand to keep ramming the idiocy of the CRC down our throats REDUCES any "clout" he may have had outside the union circles that own him.  When combined with his efforts to sue his own constituency, that really just makes Moeller a speed bump.

It's kinda like the democratian's constant lie that Boldt is a "Republican."

And then, this beauty:
Together, Benton and Moeller are expected to serve on their respective transportation committees. We hope the Legislature finds about $450 million to accelerate progress on the Columbia River Crossing, but Benton says he won't support such a commitment as long as light rail is in the CRC. Whether that's a majority opinion remains to be seen.
It is.

Combined with this idiocy from Moeller on another article out today:

Major issues for county

No doubt the Columbia River Crossing will be a topic of conversation on those transportation committees. Last year, the Legislature passed a bill that gives the Washington State Department of Transportation the authority to establish tolls to pay for the project. The proposed $3.5 billion CRC project would replace the Interstate 5 Bridge over the Columbia River, rebuild freeway interchanges and extend a light rail line from Portland into Vancouver.
The entirety of this scam, well known but unmentioned for a year by this despicable excuse for a paper is that it's entirely driven by loot rail.  So, we're going to decimate our local economy by sucking $100,000,000 a year out of Clark County in tolls for this camel's nose under the tent-flap approach to ramming loot rail down our throats.
This year, proponents of the project will try to secure the roughly $450 million needed from the state's budget. Without securing at least some of that money this year, the project will have trouble moving forward, supporters say.
So, we need to poop mout another billion or so for education under McCreary... AND fund this massive rip off?

Ain't happening.

In the Senate, 4 out of 5 senators are from Clark County.  They will be opposed to this.


And hopefully, this lack of money will finally, unalterably kill this thing.
But many Republican lawmakers from Clark County want to see the project redesigned to exclude the light rail line. During a recent meeting with the county's business and industry leaders, Benton outlined an ultimatum on the project: "If the light rail component comes off, then we can talk about funding for the CRC."
Many don't want to see this scam move forward at all.
Meanwhile, Moeller's mantra has been: "the bridge will be built with light rail or not at all."
Swell.  "Not at all" works fine for most people, I do hope that simple idiot sticks with this plan.
Most Democrats from the county say the project must move forward with light rail in order to secure federal money for the project.
And then from Laird, THIS idiocy:
That's why many people find parenting to be the most rewarding of life's endeavors. I'm not sure when my worst day at work might have been, only that it was long ago in a far-away place. But even that worst day ended with a few reminders at home about how young people do more than just decorate our lives. They keep America advancing beyond the worst of times.

Their precocious refusal to buy into the gloom might signal a cute naiveté to you, but I see it as the glorious gift of innocence.
This kind of worship of the fringe-left policies destroying this country is not "cute naivete."

What it is is deliberate self-delusion this scumbag is inflicting on the ignorant.

No, it's not "cute naivte."  It is, instead, a criminal and deliberate attempt to fool people.

It's reminiscent of Goebbels going on the radio while the Soviets were firing artillery into Berlin and telling the Germans that it was "nothing to worry about.  Just go on about your business, we're going to reverse this in NO time!"

It's not the "glorious gift of innocence."  It's the underhanded effort to lie.

Imagine what this slimeball would be writing if this economy were happening under a GOP administration.

That's the thing, you see.  It's what males Laird so utterly and completely worthless as a writer, and editor and a human being.

His "reality" is determined by the agenda and the party label.

Laird would be making every effort to address this by raking a GOP president over the same type of coals he's been lighting for those of us wise enough to oppose the idiocy of the CRC scam.

He's given Obama and the leftists a pass since he got here.  Our economy is an ongoing, agonizing train wreck the democrats have stupidly visited upon us for the last 4 years, burying us and untold generations under an entire mountain range of debt, turning our foreign policy into a world-wide joke, spilling the blood of our sons and daughters through his criminal ineptitude.

Where's this moron's outrage been about that?

No where.  Like his predecessor, porn-king Mike Heywood (Fired from the Lazy C for viewing porn at work, which is exactly what the democrats needed for their county-party chair) Laird is as much a leftist as you CAN be while still walking upright.

Like Heywood, he refused to admit it, but Heywood's post employment activities tend to speak for themselves.  But Heywood's documented objectification of women served more as a resume' builder than a hindrance for local democrats... and combined with his years of mirroring Laird's leftist positions while working for the rag, set him up for the position he now holds.

Go figure.

As another indicator of his blinding bias and partisanship, Laird ignorantly spewed this:.

'We step up'

In September 2011, Keith Ellison wrote on his blog: "During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln (and Congress) approved the First Transcontinental Railroad to connect Americans from coast to coast. After World War II, America's national debt was higher as a percentage of GDP than now, yet Dwight D. Eisenhower knew we needed an Interstate Highway System. And of course, our social safety net was born during the Great Depression. Because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's leadership during a time of crisis, millions of Americans can now count on Social Security to protect them during retirement."
The moral of Ellison's story is that "before anyone mourns the decline of America, they should look at our history. We're Americans -- in times of crisis, we step up."
I know, the mere mention of Keith Ellison, a Minnesotan, infuriates many of you because he is (1) a demon Democrat and (2) the first Muslim elected to Congress. So let me submit the following words from President Ronald Reagan in his 1984 State of the Union address: "I've never felt more strongly that America's best days and democracy's best days lie ahead. We're a powerful force for good. … We will carry on the tradition of a good and worthy people who have brought light where there was darkness, warmth where there was cold, medicine where there was disease, food where there was hunger, and peace where there was only bloodshed."
In that same speech, Reagan invoked these words from Carl Sandburg, spoken in a 1953 interview, long before Keith Ellison spoke with the same optimism: "I see America not in the setting sun of a black night of despair. I see America in the crimson light of a rising sun, fresh from the burning, creative hand of God."
I don't give a damn that Ellison, a nut job by anyone's definition, is either democrat OR muslim.  What I care about is that a nutter is in MY government.  That's his political view is as delusional as Laird's is to be expected, although Laird and Brancaccio constantly lie to us about their political proclivities.

What I care about is that Ellison and the cabal he's a part of with the willing tools like Laird are, knowingly or unknowingly, harming this country.  They put the "M" in mortgaging our future.

Here's a clue, moron:  What the punks YOU support are doing doesn't come anywhere CLOSE to "stepping up."

What these scum are doing to us is the exact opposite:  It's stepping DOWN.  It's an abdication of most of what makes this nation great.

Because out of Laird's rank stupidity, you can bet two things:

His support and quoting of a radical fringe-leftist whack job like Ellison (Ellison has a blog?  Who knew?  But more importantly, who cares?) is yet another reflection of the similar views of the fringe-leftist whack job who is John Laird AND:

Ronald Reagan would have dived into a vat of boiling magma before he'd give that speech Laird refers to today.

And that's the hell of it.  Laird is so unalterably self-delusional and stupid that either can't see, or refuses to acknowledge the reality confronting us.  Were are rushing head-long over a cliff that will damage... if not destroy.... this country for generations.  There are no real lights coming our way that aren't attached to trains.... and instead of demanding the steps needed to address this disaster, Laird insists on hitting himself in the face, much like he does with the lie that is the CRC, and giving us the garbage he provided today.

It's this kind of criminal activity that makes him dso dangerous to the politically ignorant of our community.  People might make the mistake of reading his garbage and actually believing it.

Because it's anything BUT true.

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