Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The story behind Michigan's anti-union success: the democrats started it.

The Walker Gambit: It's OK to kill the King... but you'd BETTER make sure he's dead.

The courage and vision of Gov. Scott Walker, who's made bitch-slapping unions a national past-time, is now strengthening the movement to get rid of these festering sores on our society.

Unions, of course, are throwing a union-leadership directed fit.  But as they've now learned in an up-close and personal way, pigs get fat... but hogs get slaughtered.

Rick Snyder: Unions sparked right-to-work

KEVIN ROBILLARD | 12/11/12 1:59 PM EST

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has a message for the thousands of union members protesting on Tuesday outside the state Capitol: You started it.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” the GOP governor said Michigan’s unions started the fight that ended with the legislature passing a right-to-work bill by trying to enshrine collective bargaining rights in the state’s constitution.

“I asked them not to go forward,” Snyder said. “And the reason I said is, ‘You’re going to start a very divisive discussion. It’ll be about collective bargaining first, but it’ll create a big stir about right-to-work in addition to collective bargaining’.”

Snyder, a Republican elected in 2010, noted that voters overwhelmingly defeated Proposal 2, the referendum that would have placed collective bargaining rights in the state constitution.

Right-to-work laws protect workers who decline to join a union from having to pay union dues as a condition of employment, even if the union also represents them in negotiations. Snyder is expected to sign the right-to-work bill later this week.
I wrote about this last month:.

Michigan Union Tyranny initiative heading for flaming defeat: another face-shot to Obama

In a scummy move that was a direct result of their crushing defeat in Wisconsin, Michigan union slime are getting crushed in their likely Unconstitutional effort to take the ability of legislatures away from the people when it comes to the massive rip off known as "collective bargaining."

It's currently being crushed in Michigan which should send a message to union slime generally and public employee union scum specifically that your days of tyranny are coming to an end.

Ballot Proposal 12-2, the "Protect Our Jobs" proposed constitutional amendment would establish a new constitutional right for public and private sector employees to organize and bargain collectively with employers, Invalidate existing or future state or local laws that limit the ability to join unions and bargain collectively and override state laws that regulate hours and conditions of employment by adding section 28 to Article I and amending Article XI section 5 to the state Constitution.
If the election was held today, how would you vote on Proposal 12-2, the "Protect Our Jobs" amendment?
Vote yes on the "Protect Our Jobs" amendment 41.20%
Vote no on the "Protect Our Jobs" amendment 51.30%
Undecided on the "Protect Our Jobs" amendment 7.50%
This sewage would "invalidate past and future laws that limit the ability to join unions and bargain collectively and override state laws that regulate hours and conditions of employment."

The next step is to get rid of all public Employee Union collective bargaining laws that allow that kind of extortion and then get rid of public employee unions altogether.
Gov. Snyder is right: these dillwads ASKED for this... and now they've got it.


Lew Waters said...

Union goons have not lost their right to collective bargain or be union. They only lost the ability to force everybody into unions and to forced to pay union dues.

In other words, union bosses will have to actually work to attract new members and not just hold workers hostage as they confiscate money to donate to Democrats

Kriss Mitchell M.Ed., CRC said...

Having worked for USPS and been a part of the union, by choice, my concerns are these...although I don't believe unions should have any place at all in politics, there is a place for them in the labor market. I live in a right to work state and our minimum wage is $2 an hour less than WA, right across the border. People can be fired for absolutely no reason and have little recourse. Although I do believe there are good management styles, the proponents of right to work suggest that workers do not need representation because all management is fair.

Yes, RTW gives a choice...I had a choice, but if I didn't join the union I was stigmatized as receiving benefits that were union negotiated without patronizing the entity that got them for me. In a perfect world management would be reasonable and unions wouldn't be overly aggressive...however we all know that isn't going to happen so I think this scenario just trades one set of problems for another. Unions came in to being because employees needed some leverage to be heard...that still exists however unions have become an overly aggressive organization which is not ok either. Complicated problems need new solutions rather than the old ones in new clothing.

Martin Hash said...

Kriss, I'm following your argument but I'm not sure what the connection is between RTW & liberal minimum wage laws?

BTW, somebody can be pro-union (as I am) and still a believer in RTW. The reason unions are losing membership in America is because THEY WON - business doesn't dare act like pre-union days. Walmart is the poster child of a business that walks a fine, fine line.

Kriss Mitchell M.Ed., CRC said...

My comments about RTW come from studies and experience that tends to reflect that although there may be more jobs in RTW states, wages are generally lower and that proves out between WA and ID. There used to be a billboard on the freeway heading into Spokane that said "if right to work is so great, why are you working in Washington?" That spoke volumes. There has to be a third perspective here because there are good things to be said on both sides of the problem. However I tend to agree with Kelly that public sector workers should not be unionized. Even saying that, these workers do need some type of help because often government jobs have very poor management styles that are highly negative.