Saturday, November 17, 2012

More democratian idiocy: Jeers for advisory votes.

Look, we get that the leftist dicks running the democratian are clueless morons.  But this garbage?

On one hand, we have the Managing Hypocrite spewing:
For our community to be successful, more people need to be invited under the tent. More people need to feel like they have a say -- not only in the direction of our community, but what we should pay for to move us forward.
Which explains perfectly why you've been such an idiot on forcing a CRC vote... right?

And then, on the other, this very same edition provides a true glimpse of what that slimeball really thinks:
Jeers: To useless advisory votes. If all of the different ballot measures and referendums weren't enough for voters to study, politicians weighted down an already thick general election ballot with two advisory measures, the outcome of which will do zilch to change anyone's taxes or steer state policy. The state Legislature already ended a tax loophole for large out-of-state banks; despite the 57.2 percent of voters who said the banks' tax break should be restored, it's unlikely the Democrat-controlled Legislature will do so. Ditto for the second advisory vote, which concerned extending a petroleum pollution tax that was due to expire next year. More than 55 percent of voters thought the oil companies deserve a break, but it's not likely the Legislature will revisit its decision.
These advisory votes are the brainchild of initiative organizer Tim Eyman, whose Initiative 960, passed in 2007, authorized voting on any tax increases, extensions or closing of loopholes. Thanks to Eyman, we can expect more of these gems that waste our time and the government's money, while the Legislature continues with business as usual. As the Spokesman-Review of Spokane notes, if voters really want to repeal a lot of taxes on business, they shouldn't keep re-electing incumbent Democrats.
The idiocy of this garbage is self-evident, but for Lou, one of the more intellectually challenged people I've ever seen, let me spell it out.

On one hand, you, personally, claim we should  "feel like they (Presumably meaning us, the people...) have a say."

Then, when we GET a say... even via an advisory vote, how do you morons characterize it?

You call it a "waste of our time and the government's money."

Well, guess what?

It's NEVER a "waste of time" to determine the will of the people... unless, of course, you're a moronic fringe-left whack job who doesn't GIVE a damn what that will is, or unless your last name is Brancaccio.  Then, that determination, even if you've just lied ON THE SAME DAY by telling us we should "feel like we have a say."

How can you write, on one hand, that the effort on these votes was a "waste of time" and then write on the other that we should "feel like we have more of a say?"

Were you dropped on your head as a baby... repeatedly?

And then THIS idiocy:
  "... that waste... the government's money."
IT'S NOT THE "GOVERNMENT'S MONEY," YOU MORON... IT'S OUR MONEY.  And whether YOU like it or not, since you hate the will of the people and all that, this is the law that WE passed.... and not Tim Eyman, you blithering idiot.

How could someone as stupid as you be let out in public without a keeper?

All of this, of course, just goes to the heart of the matter:  Even though you whine like a cut cat over public employee pay and benefits, you stupidly endorse and do your best to get those responsible for that elected and re-elected.Even in this instance, it's We, The People who will suffer with higher prices because those idiots YOU supported will not, like YOU, listen to the people of this state.

So, do us all a favor:  short of your rag declaring a final bankruptcy, why don't you take your own advice, moron:  stop bitching about taxes and public employee unions and pay and benefits.  After all, you knew what those snakes were before YOU so stupidly endorsed them.

Or is this just more of that rank hypocrisy you're so known for?

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Jack said...

Brancaccio is just learning how to put his own foot in his mouth. he'll get better at it, like most Lefties.