Saturday, November 17, 2012

Babbling Brancaccio spews hypocrisy again: "More people need to feel like they have a say."

Babbling Brancaccio strikes again?  Lew's remarkably astute observation is both accurate AND constructive, to those... like you... who match the description concerning the special interests you grovel for.

Few have done more in this community to silence your opposition.... an opposition overwhelmingly re-enforced at the polls 10 days or so ago... than this waste wood pulp that YOU run.
"For our community to be successful, more people need to be invited under the tent. More people need to feel like they have a say -- not only in the direction of our community, but what we should pay for to move us forward."
Actually, the rag you work for closing would be a big first step.

And, of course, you offer nothing when it comes to how to achieve this goal.

But the only thing you and the rest of the downtown mafia want in your tent are those who agree with you.  There's no room for opposition: you attack it, lie about it, ridicule it, twist it, and do your very best to injure it.

The issues confronting this community?  You've never wanted us to "have a say" on any of them.  Your paper has blissfully joined with the scum who sued the voters to KEEP them from having a say on the idiocy of the Pollard Hilton and the rest of the downtown redevelopment scam.

Where is your incessant drum beat of complaint over the lack of a vote on that downtown redevelopment?  The Pollard Hilton?  The horrific scam of the CRC?  That moronic ballpark scam?

THOSE are just some of the issues where none of us... those not inside the clique that you run with who make these decisions without even letting us know they're being considered.... who present them as a "fait accompli" typically with your rabid support and dismissal of those of us in opposition... or the Pit Yorkie's outright attack and belittlement...  and then, you write THIS garbage? 

Before you make these kinds of moronic observations, you'd be better off spending some quality time in front of a mirror... maybe while you're getting your hair dyed?

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