Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Updated: Julie Olson is mailing it in.

Apparently, my pointing out the reality of what's gone on during the ballot chase makes me some sort of "blowhard bigot" who should believe that her $180,000 campaign was run on a "shoestring."

I'd post the entirety of the nonsensical response, but I don't do anonymous, unsupported attack pieces.

I don't CARE that Olson "has a day job."  Presumably, she'll also have a day job in January should she win.  Then what?

Most all of us have put our "day jobs" aside to do this ballot chase.  In short, there is no excuse for her absence.

No volunteer should work harder then any candidate.  And that is precisely what is happening here.

You know, I'd like to see Olson win.... maybe.

But she's been MIA on her own ballot battle.

As a volunteer, I've spent at least 30 hours working on the Benton - Olson race, since Tuesday last week.

And I observed Olson precisely one day of that... and she has provided no volunteers.

Others are working their asses off, and she's MIA.

And that's disappointing to say the least:  Rule One of the consulting biz - You can't want it more than the candidate.

Here's a guess: Stonier is likely doing everything she can to win.  And of those two subsets... which would you want representing you?

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