Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ditching the GOP because they've ditched us: "Boehner says 'Obamacare is the law of the land' and he won't fight it"

The GOP has lost it's collective mind, confusing "elections" with "principle" and giving up one to achieve victory in the other.

We've already seen what a major campaign that "out-democrats" the democrats can accomplish: democrat victories.  Just check with Governor-Elect Inslee.

So now, the GOP lines up in its circular firing squad, pulls the trigger, and caves on the single most unpopular issue in the United States today... an issue that remains unpopular issue regardless of how this election turned out.

It's this kind of idiocy and abandonment of principle in an effort to engage in political expedience that has made me chuck the GOP... just like it appears they've chucked me.
Finally giving in: John Boehner says 'Obamacare is the law of the land' and he won't fight it
By Reuters Reporter
PUBLISHED: 23:44 EST, 8 November 2012 | UPDATED: 23:49 EST, 8 November 2012
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Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner said he would not make it his mission to repeal the controversial healthcare reform law following the re-election of President Barack Obama.
'The election changes that,' Boehner told ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer on Thursday when asked if repealing the law was 'still your mission.'
'It's pretty clear that the President was re-elected. Obamacare is the law of the land,' Boehner said.

Taking a pause: John Boehner said that he would no longer pursue a repeal of the Affordable Care Act
Under Boehner's leadership, the House tried repeatedly to repeal the healthcare law, the signature domestic measure of Obama's first term.
While a few provisions were eliminated or changed, Senate Democrats blocked outright termination of the law.
Boehner added that parts of the law were going to be difficult to implement and that everything had to be on the table as lawmakers try to create a path to a balanced budget.

This kind of idiocy is a major part of why the GOP loses elections.

They take stands such as opposition to the idiocy of Obamacare, allegedly based on principle, and then get rid of the principles when they suffer a set back... throwing the baby of being the people's voice on that subject out with the post-election bathwater.

They can do that sort of thing without any help from me.


Lew Waters said...

Another example of why I resigned in 2010 and now support the candidate, not the party.

And if they cave on Obamacare, what will they do when Obama comes after our IRA's and 401K's, like they're talking more about doing?

Bonehead needs to go along with all of the other liberal RINOs

Martin Hash said...

I was, as you well know, against Obamacare on Constitutional grounds (forced purchase of a private product). However, the U.S. Supreme Court slapped me down. And Obama himself, a Constitutional scholar, also made the same call. My conclusion is not that they are wrong - the problem must lie with me.

Dude, sometimes you ARE going to be wrong. There are people out there who have a better handle on a lot of subjects than you, and if you should disagree with them - at least be willing to "evolve." That's called wisdom.

Jack said...

No, you're asking Lew to "cave" Martin. it has absolutely nothing to do with "wisdom" or "evolving" There aren't any idiots out there with a"better handle" on things unless they are as blind as you are.

Jack said...

Piss on "crybaby Boehner" let's get rid of the sniveling bastard.

Just a guy said...

The people with a "better handle" on the situation have managed to bury us in debt that our children's children won't ever see the end of.

One of those with a "better handle" on this stuff once taught me:

"Never do or accept anything merely because authority tells you to. They can be using you for their own ends, and acting against your best interests to achieve those ends."

Taking your tact... being willing to turn one's back on principles by finding that an acceptable practice means believing and accepting anything that anyone tells you if they have a title.

There are things in life that I find absolutely unacceptable. My 2 year long stretch of homelessness, for example. Would I have been better off to "evolve" into accepting it?

Here we have a political party that drew a line in the sand, causing battles to be fought all over this country as a result.

That line was drawn based on principle, we were told: the people of this country have not and do not accept Obama care. We should do battle against it because it's wrong.

Now, because we've lost an election at the national level, but continue to control the House, at least in part due to the opposition to Obamacare, we should simply walk away from that position out of what I consider to be misguided political expediency.

Essentially, I see your position as an argument against even having political parties. There should be, based on your "evolve" position, absolutely no reason to resist anything you oppose. We should all just go along with the program. We should assume the values of the democrats because the contrary position has no validity.

I freely admit there are times I am going to be "wrong."

And, I would point out, the same can be said of you.

The difference between us here seems to be that while your comfortable with accepting that which you used to oppose, I am not.

As for the issue of "evolving," have you ever noticed that the requirement to "evolve" always seems to be placed on those on the conservative side of the scale, and never on those to the left?

When was the last time they had to "evolve?"

And how did McKenna or Dunn's effort's to "evolve" work out for them?

They lost, in part, because of the abandonment of principle. "Evolving" really didn't seem to help them all that much, did it?

There are people out there who claim to have a better handle on a lot of subjects than me, and if they should disagree with me - that's called "wrong."

Just ask Marc Boldt.

I am, as a rule, righter than I am wrong. And in this case, asking us to spill our political blood amid assurances we're fighting the right fight and then merely walking away from it because we lost this round?

No thanks.

Martin Hash said...

Conservatives are impossible to work with because they won't come off their dime. They are so damn sure they're right on everything!

I wish I had your kind of certainty - life would be so much easier.

Jack said...

LIke Lefties will ever "come off their dime, Martin?? Lefties are the most hard-core, mind-numbed robots you will ever see. The only time a leftie will change his or her mind is when a bullet is passing through their diseased brains.