Thursday, June 28, 2012

Impacts of the Obamacare decision on the governor's race.

As regular readers know, I'm a Hadian supporter.  But that's doesn't keep me from speculation on the impacts of the race between the increasingly muddled front runners, Jay Inslee and RINO Rob McKenna.

As I've stated previously, I oppose McKenna and will not be voting for him because he and Inslee are exactly the same on the issues that matter to me.  This lack of separation and McKenna's efforts to outdemocrat the democrats, his bizarre instance that what a real governor, in this case, Gov. Scott Walker was doing in Wisconsin amounted to "terrorism," his kowtowing to the Tribes as they rape our economy with their untaxed casinos; his support of the Cowlitz megacasino?  Well, that just did it for me.

Inslee is a fringe-lefter.  So, unfortunately, is RINO Rob, but that's neither here nor there.  Inslee is now in a position of "I told you so," and he'd be a fool not to use that to beat the AG over the head with it like a club.  After all, isn't the Attorney General supposed to be the expert?

With this decision and with the weaknesses of McKenna becoming increasingly clear, I am less and less certain that McKenna can prevail here.  Although RINO Rob has done as much as he can to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (It's NEVER a good idea to work so hard to become your opponent: after all, why vote for the fake when you can have the real thing?  Just look at Tim Leavitt's fake no-tolls stance as an example.) it's still too close to call... for now.

But it's hard not to foresee a pop for Inslee over this.  After all, legally, Inslee was right... and McKenna was wrong.

(Full disclosure: I believed McKenna to be right as well.  But no one that I've heard of or seen foresaw this outcome... who knew that forcing someone to but a product from the private sector was a tax, or that Roberts would go along with such pap?)

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