Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Scummery from the Columban and Leave-it: No Lie They Won't Tell.

(Note: there's block that's covering some text here and it's from Blogger software instead of this post. The text is visible through the block if you use firefox.) We are a community cursed.

We have a newspaper that lies... constantly... to get their agenda built.

We have a psychopathic liar as the mayor of the Socialist Republic of Vancouver.

They work together like a tag team in a wrestling match.  The lie off each other.  The two links provided here are a series of lies, exaggerations, distortions and deliberate misrepresentations.

It would be one thing if they did this out of ignorance.

But that's not the basis for their actions: the basis if two-fold.

First: their rampant arrogance.

The scum that take their view on these issues don't do so based on reality. 

They do so, as we've been repeatedly told, because they know all their is to know and everyone else is stupid. Those running the local rag, for example, particularly in the guise of Lou Brancaccio but ESPECIALLY in the person of his non-house broken Pit Yorkie, have berated, belittled and insulted the opposition to the Caponian rip-off from the beginning, completely buying into the Goebbellian plan of telling lies long enough, loud enough and often enough that they become "truths."

In fact, I must admit: I've patterned my writing style in this blog after a typical John Laird column.

Of course, those most upset with my writings here, either style, or content, have no problem with Laird's efforts to emulate a Hitler speech.  After all, that slimeball is just exercising HIS First Amendment right... none of them would submit that I have such a right, my 14 years service in the military notwithstanding.

For example, characterizing Tim Leavitt's mayoral campaign of lies and deceit as resulting in the "reluctant acceptance of tolls as a necessary evil" WHEN ANYONE WALKING UPRIGHT KNOWS THAT LYING LITTLE WORM WAS RUNNING A SCAM ALL ALONG, AND HE KNEW HE COULD NOT GET ELECTED IF HE CAME OUT IN SUPPORT OF TOLLS BECAUSE POLLARD WAS ALREADY THERE.

But, in all of that... the lies, deceit, misrepresentation; the failure to print ALL of the news; such as the ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court that this whole project is a rip off, all of that could be forgiven if... if... if...

These scum would put it to a county wide vote.

And when it comes to a vote on issues that may conflict with their agenda?

That ain't happening. So, what today's garbage from Brancaccio and Leave-it actually is was a campaign piece for the leftists who want to ram it in and break it off on these same tolls these slime love so much... even though.... even though... even THOUGH....

They won't have to pay them to go to work.

Weird, that, isn't it? So, in response to Brancaccio's editorial babble today, I offer this:
What a crock.

No reasonable solution, including taxes and tolls, should be implemented WITHOUT A COUNTY WIDE VOTE.

Leave-it was lying all along. I wrote as much MONTHS before the election. You people are either gullible, or calculatingly lying in an effort to continue your image rehab project of that scumbag.



But because Leave-it is one of your rabid dogs, carrying your water like Gunga Din, that he's lying scum makes no difference... and the institutional double standard you slime operate under (By, for example, failing to publish the Oregon Supreme Court decision detailing how you morons are getting hosed... or, as far as that goes, protecting democrat former state representative Jim Jacks over his alcohol-fuel molestation of female legislative staff in Olympia.) that allows people to molest women and get away with it... or lie... or have their sheet-splitting girl friend lie for them... and none of that makes any difference to you.

Lying. It's what you people do.

It's what makes you the Cancer on Our Community.
And, in response to Leave-it's lies:
Wow. A scum convention.
Sure Congress must act.
They must kill this unbelievably wasteful rip off as soon as possible. We've wasted more than enough money on your incompetence and lies.
1. The I-5 Bridge does not need replacement.

2. You're bending us over and doing everything you can to get this built without asking us... when the Oregon Supreme Court has blown the lid off your rip off. You're raping us, and using OUR money to do it.

3. You work for a CRC contractor.

4. You lied to get elected. Repeatedly. And this Nazi propaganda sheet of a newspaper is covering for you.

5. You've done everything you can to keep the people of this county from voting on this rip off.

6. You're scum.

Let me know if you need any other questions answered, you slimeball.

It's problematic when those in authority demand from others what they, themselves won't provide.

That the newspaper leaves out truths like the Supreme Court decision, here, that details how we're getting scammed, isn't being done in the interests of truth or journalistic integrity.

But the fact is the scum at The Columbian have refused to print this because it blows so many holes in their lies that they won't be able to hold air.

And that's what makes them the Cancer on Our Community.

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