Saturday, April 21, 2012

The local rag hates democracy when it opposes their agenda.

This spew was in the daily sewer:

Jeers: To the usual gang of light rail and Columbia River Crossing opponents. The group thus far has failed to gather signatures on a petition that would attempt to limit the city of Vancouver from spending money on extending MAX light rail across the Columbia River. Their two-thirds failure rate on last week’s signatures was not surprising. For one thing, they apparently failed to ask many petition signers whether they were residents of the city, and thus eligible to vote. Most weren’t. But finding out that only 35 percent of the signatures were valid cost taxpayers an estimated $31,000. Even if the signatures had been valid, and there had been an election, and the voters had gone along, and the law had been upheld by the courts, it still targets the wrong agency. It’s the federal government that will pay for the light rail construction component, and C-Tran will pay for its operation. Nonetheless, the group claims it will keep trying.
Fascinating how this slime shed such crocodile tears over an alleged $31,000 when they so rabidly support the waste of BILLIONS.

One of the problems the scum down at the daily democrat have (And they have many) is their use of invective against those wise enough to oppose their agenda.  They know words have meaning, and so they denigrate by belittling, ala Alinski's Rules, those attempting to utilize our democratic system to derail their agenda.

And among other things, they do that by using a word like "gang" to describe those they hate... those who have the temerity to act against their utopian, screw-what-the-people-want view.  And "gangs" around here have a very negative connotation. 

The choice of the word is deliberate; equating those trying to utilize the democratic system to force a government that is completely deaf to listen can hardly be a "negative" in the way this despicable waste of wood pulp would have the casual reader believe.

That sort of thing is why these slime are dangerous, a cancer on our community that we would be well rid of.

See, it's not that these two groups disagree: its that the scum like Brancaccio and Laird at the top will use every weapon they have to destroy their opponents, assaulting them while they keep their skirts clean as they do all they can to enslave this community on a wide variety of issues they want US to pay for.

In this era of "bullying," these low-lifes ought to look in a mirror.

The idiocy of their observation (" still targets the wrong agency. It’s the federal government that will pay for the light rail construction component....") completely and deliberately misses the point:

Some how... some way... the people deserve a voice.  And since this rag, and cowards like Leave-it are going to do all they can to silence the people on this issue, precisely like they did on the Pollard Hilton, well, you would think they wouldn't mind terribly if we tried to rise above their Taliban vision of society and exercise a little of that democracy that so many of us paid for with our service to this country, a concept entirely foreign to Leave-it, Stuart, Boldt, Brancaccio, Laird and the majority of the rest of the downtown Mafia.

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Jack said...

We already know that The Columbian is a "gang" of Liberal Elitists that has a sole purpose of defeating any real citizen discussion of local issues. Their "Blog" is littered with Leftist sockpuppets and bears no resemblance to an open discussion forum by design. The best the community can hope for is that The Columbian is forced to close their doors and go out of business.

"The greatest enemy Clarke County has is The Columbian"