Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh.... and BTW? Fringe-leftist union hack and Obama "super-delegate" Monica Stonier has stepped up to get flattened... again.

Stonier will announce for Probst's open seat.

Must be a glutton for punishment.


LewWaters said...

I heard this the other day and still have her lackluster speech given at the 2010 near empty Dem Convention.

She couldn't even get the Columbian's endorsement in the primary due to her ties to the union.

And who can forget her rapid relocation into the 49th once Jim Jacks abruptly walked out on constituents?

Martin Hash said...

Monica is not a Lefty.

However, she is in up to her hips in public employee union BS.

I got that Columbian endorsement. It was back-handed, cynical, insincere, Republican-baiting. They were for Monica all along because they knew I wasn't really running. (I wanted to see what percentage of the population voted based on qualifications? - 12%)

Just a guy said...

How can one be an "Obama super-delegate" and a union shill and NOT be a "Lefty?"

Jack said...

Martin hates the term: "Lefty".

Martin Hash said...

Obama is a Liberal. (So is Hillary.)

Liberals are not socialists even though they believe in socializing some programs: healthcare, SS, education, & the environment. (The military is already socialized.)

And he's certainly not a Marxist. My goodness, he's a Constitutional scholar - you can't be a Marxist and be patriotic to liberty at the same time.

The Republicans need to zero in on the real Marxist threats to this country - they call themselves Progressives.