Monday, April 30, 2012

The dream world of the Columbian as they wear out knee pads for the democrats: Murray still on the prowl.

Clearly, the non-serving, non-VA using democrats who write for the Columbian live in an alternate universe.

Like everything else in politics, there's really only one question to ask: under Murray's amateurish ignorance as a non-veteran with zero experience in the VA system, are we veterans better off now then we were 4 years ago?

They're kidding.... right?

Had any of the fringe-leftists... or even Murray herself, ever thought their country mattered enough to serve it in uniform... had they been forced to rely on the VA system, they might have a different point of view.

You see, like most democrats, which means like this newspaper, we hear crap like this:
The Democratic senator from Washington last week was once again reprimanding Veterans Affairs officials while they were doing a pretty good job of embarrassing themselves. At yet another hearing of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee -- which Murray chairs -- haunting suspicions about military veterans’ difficult access to mental health care were confirmed. Last week’s report showed that wait times far exceed what the VA previously reported and the wait times that the VA mandates. Murray correctly called the news “deeply disturbing.”
Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

The question missing from the rag's partisan, fantasy rant against the system is this:

Under Murray's watch... what's changed?

Last June, I was admitted to the VA Hospital for observation.  I was there for 11 hours.  I was charged $1100 for the promised, life-long FREE medical care I was "given" when I ENLISTED during that little tiff in SE Asia in 1972, asking for and getting the 11 Armor Career Group/Armored Reconnaissance option.

Right now, as I type this, on Murray's watch, there are NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND pending disability claims.  This was a chronic problem BEFORE Murray's horrific appointment; it remains a chronic problem now.

That the clown who wrote this editorial garbage has a better drug benefit ($10 for 3 months supply of many drugs) then I, as a VA patient have ($27 for a 3 month supply of many of those same drugs)  which means that non-serving fringe-left nutters like Brancaccio or Laird can walk into a Fred Meyers or a WalMart and get cheaper medications then *I* or any other veteran can... and they never served a day.

When I discussed this with Murray's Veteran's guy he told me, point blank, he wasn't even going to bring it up with the good senator.

And then, this beauty:

2 months ago, I was experiencing symptoms of an umbilical hernia.

I get an appointment for an evaluation... and I'll be seen... on May 9.

Two and a half months.

Because the VA Hospital around here only does hernia patients one afternoon a week.

So, here's the reality:

Where it MATTERS, and the only place it DOES matter, Murray has made absolutely no difference at the street level, where the rubber meets the road.

As a veteran, a Veteran who ENLISTED at the age of 17 and one fricking day and who was, in returned, promised FREE, LIFE_LONG medical care, including dental (Which I can't even get since I am neither a former POW or 100% disabled) I can provide the end-user's perspective of Murray's efforts... and that is the only perspective that matters, the Columbian's hyperbolic fantasies about Murray actually getting anything done aside:

Except for being a campaign prop, Murray has accomplished absolutely nothing as Chair of the Senate Veteran's Affair's Committee.  And, as perhaps the dimmest bulb in the Senate and yet another leftist who refused to serve our nation in uniform, I never expected she would.

But for the moron who wrote this garbage to act like she's actually getting something done?

That's just more pro-democrat crap.

ALL politicians must be judged on results, and not rhetoric.  Rhetoric isn't cutting back the inexcusable number of pending disability claims, the price of drugs for those of us who have to pay for them, the costs of hospitalization when their should be no costs, or reducing the amount of time to get a simple surgical evaluation for a hernia.

Murray has been a disaster, precisely as I said she would be.  But these clowns, who never served and, as a result are just so enamored of her kool-aid drinking press releases, wouldn't know that.

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