Friday, January 28, 2011

Murray to chair Veterans Affairs? Bad idea.

First and foremost, like having a president who never served in the military during a war, having a non-veteran chair the Veteran's Affairs Committee makes as much sense as having a man explain the experience of giving birth.

Murray has fooled a great many Veterans. I have tried to get her office to explain to me why, as a matter of course, I pay half as much to get my prescriptions at WalMart, Fred Meyers, Costco or Walgreens than I do at the VA... and her people won't even make the effort to find out.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen... non-serving civilians get better "benefits" at "Freddies" then honorably serving veterans at the VA when it comes to prescriptions.

Murray is very big on veterans when she's running for re-election.

The rest of the time?

Not so much.


Lew Waters said...

Not surprising. She has years of pandering to and throwing money towards us to buy our votes.

Of course, actual respect for our sacrifices is something else.

Anonymous said...

Let us be also even further clear. It may Patty that sits in that chair but its the local snoozemedia that LOVE to be her local PR firm..... (And they do such a wonderfully, lovely horrible job at it too.)