Sunday, February 26, 2012

NASCAR: rain delay... are you kidding me?

My wife is a big NASCAR fan... but I'm not.

The problems with the NASCAR of today are based more on what we've apparently become as a society.

First, I never thought I would ever see NASCAR become PC.

They've banned the General Lee car from "Dukes of Hazard" because they suddenly noticed, apparently, that it has a Confederate Flag on it's roof.

Second, Danica Patrick ("Sorry.... where's Darlington, again?") is driving... not because she's earned it (She hasn't... hasn't come close), but because she is a she.

Third, the cookie-cutter cars.  The engines and transmissions and car shells are almost identical.  It's bizarre enough that a car labeled "Toyota" is racing in NASCAR; but try going on down to your Toyota dealer and buying the engine parts they used to build their race cars.

And, of course, the same can be said for any of the manufacturers out there... which means the roots of NASCAR are long since dead and rotted.

Back in the day, the stories are legendary: racers going to the show rooms of dealers, buying the cars, and racing them the next day.

The concept of "Win on Sunday, buy on Monday" has disappeared because you can't come close to buying anything like these cookie-cutters.

They need to race the cars that are being built.

If the best Toyota can do is a Corolla, then that's it.  If all Ford can run is a focus, etc, then that's what they need t do.

And every car has to be a car.  Not a custom, one-off frame.  And engines have to be built by the manufacturer.

But, of course, they're not.

And now this: a rain delay at the biggest race of the year?

Switch to rain tires like Formula One, and get out there and race.

The prima donnas behind the wheel are all that... rain shouldn't stop them from driving.

And people get excited over crap like this?


Lew Waters said...

I miss the pre-PC days of NASCAR when a "Stock" Car was really a "Stock" car, something you actually bought and modified for racing.

Back then, you could buy the same car and engine, minus the safety equipment and racing modifications installed by teams of course, at your local dealer.

I do recall being at a Chrysler/Plymouth dealer back in the 60's and they were delivering one. It was stripped, not even a seat, barely had tires, no interior, just the car, 426 Hemi and a 4-speed.

What I don't recall is who it was going to.

NASCAR is getting to girlie with restrictor plates and cookie cutter cars and rule after rule after rule. They forget it was a rugged sport built in the South by Southern Moonshine runners who got together to see who had the fastest car.

I do miss driver interviews and hearing the old Southern Accents too.

Blogging around the Pacific Northwest said...

I'd like to add that I know of one portland stock car racer woman that BUILT a stock car just as you described Lew. But because of the demands of her work, she has not been able to race it. Its fully built out that I know....

And yes, I AGREE with you both wholeheartedly. NASCAR reminds me of what you are suggesting it is today. I'd love to see the other side from friend I hear that do this old type of car racing in my age group that is about both your childrens age. (Stock car racers WITH this type of home bound car with safety equipment added.)

Jack said...

Racing has gotten to be a very expensive, much over-regulated sport. But then, it's just like everything else. The rules change constantly and everything is so micro-managed that everybody ends up with almost exactly the same equipment no matter what they started with. The only "variable" is the driver.

The various racing clubs are like a collection of homeowner associations complete with lawsuits, fights, nasty online arguing, and stormy meetings.

A "mirror" of today's society, for sure.