Sunday, February 26, 2012

As I was watching Act of Valor last night...

... I had a few thoughts:

1.  So, what was DOD's part in all this?

Well, I'm reading that this whole thing was "It was commissioned by the Navy's Special Warfare Command and its success will be measured not in box-office receipts, but in the number of new recruits it attracts to the Navy SEALs."

I don't know about THAT: most people applying for the SEALS are already IN the Navy and there won't be any lowering of the standards to either get in... make it through BUD's/SEAL Training.... or to stay in once you are in.... and few actually make it past the screening process.

A more aware populace... one well aware of the horrific vacuum of leadership in the upper echelon of both government and the increasingly PC military will likely not be swayed by this appeal to patriotism... if that's what it really is.

2.  With only a couple of nigglies (You really don't hang on and pass around fired, but unexploded RPG rounds that didn't have the distance to arm... they could go off at any time, there is no way a female being tortured by the bad guys would remained fully clothed in the process and jumping on a hand grenade typically gets one The Medal... not, apparently, awarded here.) this was a very realistic portrayal of how it likely is in the biz... with the possible exception of the op tempo.

3.  I was struck by the list of those SEALS who had given their all for us, shown at the end of the movie.

I was also struck by those who ignored it... got up and left.

"Act of Valor" is a solid effort.  As action flicks go, it's up at the top of the genre, with an almost flawless organization and execution.

From the FWIW file, I recommend it.


Just a guy said...

Unfortunately, my pudgy little fingers hit the delete button instead of the "publish" button.

From Martin Hash:

"Patriotism" (from
devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty.

The military isn't listed, ("Defense" in this definition means verbal affirmation.)

There are Conservative posters who **HATE** Government - I consider them unpatriotic. There are Leftists who **HATE** liberty - I consider them unpatriotic. People's feelings for the military are their own. (I certainly support the military but at the same level that I support science & education.)

Just a guy said...

To which, I respond:

On the whole, without a military...

... without we wouldn't have to worry about either science or education.

Just sayin'.

Martin Hash said...

And without science & education we'd be living like the Romans. There are countries with mighty (to them) militaries that still wipe their butts with their fingers.