Saturday, December 31, 2011

So, Russell's scammed this new gig with an outfit called "Students for Life of America."

In some ways, I'm sorry to see this.

Given Jon's myriad, documented and well-known inabilities to tell the truth, working with the more impressionable among the pro-life (Or any other, for that matter) movement is not something I believe he should be doing.

I'm sure this amounts to just another notch on his political gunbelt, a polishing of his social "cred," as it were.

But if, as it appears, it begins the process of removing the cancer that is Jon Russell from our local political scene, then I'm all for it. And, at least he finally told someone the truth about his education.... for once... and, except, of course, Washougal is NOT Russell's "hometown," but to expect him to do anything without SOME level of exaggeration or falsehood is, I suppose, too much to ask.

Now.... let's see how long he can keep THIS job. His other efforts haven't lasted all that long..

Jon Russell, Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator

Jon Russell, Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator
Jon Russell
Jon started his pro-life work as s full-time fundraising coordinator for a Crisis Pregnancy Center and maternity home in 2000. He has worked for the House Republican Committees in Indiana and Washington State. He served as Executive Director for Faith and Freedom Foundation where he lobbied for prolife and pro-family issues.
Jon holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Thomas Edison State College. He is a City Councilman in his hometown and an alumnus of the American Council of Young Political Leaders where he traveled as an American delegate to the Philippines. Jon & his family are actively involved in their local Pregnancy Resource Center and Salvation Army.
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"..Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Thomas Edison State College.."

Kelly, is this even true? check your back data logs....

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