Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MORE idiocy from the democratian on losing the baseball scam?

You knew it had to happen... they start out by protecting Boldt and then hammer Mielke.

The hypocrisy of this rag is a stench that engulfs our entire community.  They wanted all of US to be taxed, but not surprisingly, never once offered up THEIR despicable product for taxation to help pay for this crap pile.

And the rag is but one example of the tiny sector of people who would have made real money off this scam... in this case, in increased ad revenue; in the case of many others, the humongous profits from $6 hot dogs and the like... NONE of whom would have found THEIR revenue taxed to build this crap pile.

And the very idea that those ATTENDING these games would have only responsible for FIVE PERCENT OF THE CONSTRUCTION COSTS while the rest of us who would never set foot in this pee pot would have to pay the rest?  And all without asking us?

Of COURSE Mielke's position was correct.

So, when the sniveling, anonymous punk who wrote this:
The second lingering reality is the appropriateness of having this particular discussion at this particular time. We never understood why anyone — County Commissioner Tom Mielke comes to mind — preferred that the discussion never take place. What narrow-mindedness. Today, Mielke might feel like the winner, what with the collapse of the stadium proposal, but we feel like all of Clark County is the winner just for having had the discussion.
looks around, what he sees is a community heaving a sigh of relief that we finally dodged one of the tax bullets the Columbian loves to fire at us... specifically, the variety where WE have to pay.... and they don't.

When a political position is obviously wrong, obviously a scam, obviously a ripoff, there's no reason to "discuss" it.  None.  Except for the rag's forlorn hope that the "discussion" would have somehow changed Mielke's mind.

One would wonder:  If, for example, Mielke were to draft an ordinance to slap a local sales tax on the rag in an effort to fill some of the budget hole around here... is THAT something this sleazeballs would want to be discussed?  Is that something they would have wanted to have dangling in front of THEM for 11 months... and be dragged out through a hearing?

Or would they rather the discussion never happened?

The worthless recital that 21 people, many of whom were PAID to be there, spoke in favor of this, while 20 people, NONE of whom were paid to be there opposed it... a discussion that SHOULD have taken place AFTER the regular work day was over, so the many more opposed to this garbage COULD have been there was a deliberate effort to silence the opposition.

So, yeah.... it's easy to see where this hearing, which was nothing more nor less then a wasted exercise that cost of tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars in wasted staff time should never have been held... this massive waste of time, resources and effort... should, in fact, never have been held.

This is yet another salvo in the rag's campaign against Tom Mielke.  It will now increase in frequency and effort as we close in on the next election, because the dems could run a board fence against Tom and this anal rag would endorse it over Mielke.

They hate it when you oppose them.

Right, Lou?

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Blogging around the Pacific Northwest said...

Kelly, your only about 60 percent correct. It will go against any perceived enemies they feel they need to get out of way BEFORE they get elected. Marc and Tom are probably BOTH on the list for next years slam&slap-athon election.

I wonder who else they have lined up to nail?