Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maybe Boldt balked, but Stuart swung... and missed.

The first day without the specter of the ballpark ripoff hanging over our heads.

Marc has been getting it from both sides.  Full disclosure, he is my brother-in-law... and no, we have not discussed this or anything else for the past year-plus... so any input I may have had at his level was from him reading this blog, which I know he does.

I voted for Marc every time he ran for one reason and one reason only: he was a conservative.

Party label is secondary to that; after all, Jamie Herrera fooled him into thinking SHE was a conservative, when she doesn't have a clue about conservatism, populism or representation... unless, of course, you've got your checkbook handy, then access is a breeze.

But when it comes to Marc, that's neither here nor there.

Marc must CONTINUE utilizing this new-found conservative meme, or he will be gone.

The tests don't stop here.  Will Marc raise our property taxes again?  A conservative wouldn't.

Will he support a "commissioner's holiday" for county employees, blowing a $140,000 hole in our budget by giving them all at least one extra day off... with pay.... pay coming our of OUR wallets?  A conservative wouldn't.

Will he continue to travel around the country on our dime?  A conservative wouldn't.

Will he continue to support rip offs like the CTran scam, and their gerrymandered district that he supported during its development?  A conservative wouldn't.

Time will tell.  But time is mostly critical for Marc, because he's a choppin' and the chips ain't flyin'.  He has to find a way to restore his conservative cred.  Yesterday's vote was a big first step, but there are many, many steps left to take.

Stuart, on the other hand, needs to thank God this scam was voted on AFTER his re-election... because if he had been up this month, he would have been gone if a barn-headed ape had run against him.

To the Yakima Millionaires, I say this: don't let the door hit you on the way out.  You weren't missed before you got here, and the efforts you took to put some pols in your pocket and then force US to pay for YOUR ballpark?

That kind of extortion can never be fixed.  You won't be missed when you're gone.

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Martin Hash said...

Whew! That was close.

This wasn't a Conservative vs. Liberal issue, (or even a Conservative vs. Marxist issue. This was the essense of what's wrong with politics - a few people taking advantage of everyone else.

BTW - the Liberals I know were having a fit about this so-called "public-private" partnership. I don't know ONE PERSON who supported an essentially private stadium on the backs of taxpayers.