Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The delusion of Steve "The Liar" Stuart on the ballpark.

One of the many, many problems that Steve "The Liar" Stuart has is that he seems to live in an alternative universe.

I was reviewing his comments at the end of the dog and pony show that was the hearing today; for which I gratefully acknowledge the fine efforts of Lew Waters for culling from the CVTV feed and placing it on YouTube. comments made shortly before the destruction of the rip off that the rest of the world calls a ballpark, but that HE, somehow, magically sees as a "jobs creation idea" for a "multi-purpose stadium."

Sure.  Like Mariner Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium.

"Those people that support it, or those people who oppose it... we're all citizens here.  We're all citizens of Clark County."

No, Liar, we're not.

The Yakima Millionaires are not "citizens here."  They're from the other side of the state, and through you and Tim "The Liar" Leave-it and Bob Knight scamming one of your smoke-filled room deals tried to pull a fast one on us and we stopped you.

You could have held a county-wide vote... easily.  But you didn't want to do that, because you knew how it was going to turn out... so you did your best to ram this crap down our throats... and calling the Yakima Millionaires "citizens here" is a total joke of the variety you favor... the variety that isn't funny.

"And we have stacks of emails that have come from people for and against this."

But mostly... by a margin of roughly 3 to 1, against this.

"This is not us versus them.  We are all us."

That's another lie.  It is PRECISELY "us versus them."

It's the special interests that own you.  It's the downtown Mafia, the CRUDEC, the Chamber of Horrors, the identity Vancouver types, The Arch Millers, the people who think they OWN this county... versus the little guys, the people horrified by the very bizarre idea supported by you, Liar, that those actually going to the ballpark should only pay 5% of the costs to build it and operate it, while the 95% of us who will never set foot in it should pick up the rest of the tab.

It;'s the special interests who bizarrely believe they should personally and financially benefit from this scam... those who will build it, those who will own it, those who will provide concessions for it, and those who will publicize it should pay absolutely nothing in taxes for the privilege, while those of us attending the fair, movies, the amphitheater or playing golf somehow should.

That is inexplicably idiotic.

Thanks to "the people who brought us this jobs creation idea."


It was a scam where a few people would be enriched at our expense and a bunch of part time, minimum wage, extremely expensive jobs might have resulted.

"We had a business, we had an employer, who came to us with an idea for a public multi-purpose stadium."

Uh, no.  It was for a ball park.  a ballpark that they would pay next to nothing to own and operate at our expense and on public land.

"That would primarily be used by our community, but which would have an anchor tenet who would pay more then their fair share of the cost."

See, this is where my bullshit meter is pegged.

They would pay NOTHING CLOSE to their "fair share of the cost."  THEIR "fair share of the cost" was 100%.  period.

And the job creation scam?  These clowns were no more worthy of public subsidy then a Safeway, a Winco, a gas station, a beauty salon or any other business that would hire people... yet how many of them are subsidized with an admissions tax on entirely unrelated activities like movies and the fair?

"They have other options.  They can go other places.  They chose here."

They chose "here" because they had you, Leave-it and Knight in their pockets.  No where else would they find a group of government officials so willing to bend over the populations they would govern.

Here's a hint, Liar: don't brag about this.  Seriously.

Because if they could have bent over the city commissioners in Portland like they did you, don't think for one second that they wouldn't have done it.  Don't flatter yourselves.

"I think it says something about us.  I think it says something about our community."

I agree.  It says they own you and you assured them you could get Boldt on board.  It says they think we're a bunch of blithering idiots, born yesterday.  And that's ALL it says.

"I want businesses to come here."

Well of course... who doesn't?  But I don't want junior versions of Solyndra to make that happen.  I want businesses to come here because they have a workable model, THEY CAN PAY FOR IT, and WE don't have to sacrifice ANYTHING for THEIR profit.

"It maximizes the benefit and minimizes the impact to our citizens."

See, here's the trouble: every penny you vacuum out of MY pocket had damned well better NOT go to subsidize ANY private business, INCLUDING a baseball scam.

ONE CENT is a MAXIMUM IMPACT TO ME, when it's STOLEN out of MY pocket to pay for YOUR ballpark against MY WILL.


"The focus has been on baseball."

True.  because you, leave-it and Bomar are ex-baseball jocks, your efforts here were based on your emotional attachment to the game... and that's not good enough.

It SHOULD have been based first, on what WE want...AND YOU NEVER BOTHERED TO ASK US.  Second, it should have been based on what was best... and "best" NEVER included taxing US so you could have yet another facility you can go into without being charged like the rest of us... like the fair... or the amphitheater.

"That infrastructure is one of two things we can do to help bring employers to the area."

No kidding?  What employer WOULDN'T want to come here if they could score a scam where WE paid for THEIR physical plant... ESPECIALLY WITHOUT BOTHERING TO ASK US?

"That's what this is about to me."

And that, of course, is a lie.

Because if THAT was it, you wouldn't have had any problem putting this question to a county-wide vote.

He goes on to try and draw a line between public works in the depression and the baseball park scam.

Well, which people had to pay an admissions tax to build dams or trails?

Stay focused, Liar.

"No one's gonna care, 10 or 20 years from now, how hard it's been for us."

First of all, the idea that you'd compare this crap with a dam is as ludicrous as your campaign lie that we'd get to vote this past November on loot rail.

NONE of this is "hard."  How many ballparks were built in Clark County during the depression?  None?  Why not?  If it's such a great idea, you'd think they would have built a dozen of the damned things.  What did government know then that you don't?

"If you're not willing to 'invest' in our community, who will?"

Well, that does it.  No other business will EVER move here because we killed this scam.  Not ONE additional job will EVER be developed because we killed the ballpark scam.


This is how a fringe-left nutter thinks.  And this is why Stuart and his ilk lost.

These are other ways this could have gone.  There are other things they could have done.  But Stuart's disregard for the will of the people on this and a great many other areas is what caused it's demise.

As I have been saying all along: if you clowns want a ballpark... then you clowns pay for it.  Or in the alternative, ASK US.

No ask?

No get.

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Lew Waters said...

If it is jobs they want to bring to the county, they would have more jobs created with similar pay and that last much longer just by letting WalMart build another store.

And, taxpayers would not have to fund any portion of that.