Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seems I've upset Mr. Russell.

Jon needs to learn to have a thicker skin in the political realm.

And if he'd learn to stick with the truth instead of making this crap up, perhaps he'd not run into these difficulties with such frequency.

  • So sue him. Been to Russell Watch lately?
  • Jon Russell · Top Commenter · Friends with Peter Van Nortwick
    Kelly Hinton (AKA Kaged McClued), your smear website is of no concern to me. You have filed Public Disclosure Commission complaints against me and you have tried to get the State Medical Assurance Board to conduct an investigation against my business. All of your efforts have been dismissed, found false and erroneous. So I do not need to file lawsuits against you or your liberal friends, God will always vindicate me.
  • Jon Russell "My liberal friends?" Name one. You can't file a suit against me, Jon, because the truth is always a defense. You lied about your campaign donations, lied about your education, lied about your wife being a physician, and even she has admitted you've lied about who you are when you're commenting on websites like the Post Record. You consulted on the biggest local tax increase (Port Levy) in local history and YOU accuse ME of having "liberal friends?"

    That "Gott mit uns" crap didn't work for Hitler, and it ain't gonna work for you, either.

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