Thursday, July 07, 2011

More of the Columbian's idiocy: In Our View: 1st of 33 Miles

Clearly, the moron who wrote this editorial has never lived next to a trail.

He/She/It has never had to put up with people trespassing, crapping in their yards, stealing anything not nailed down, violating their privacy.  Many who live near trails HAVE had to do that, but then, the democratian typically applies a double standard to everyone but themselves: The Gorge (Where these cheerleading idiots dont live and don't have to put up with the restrictions imposed on the residents) the Bridge (Where these cheerleading idiots want to ram a horrific, lifelong, ever-increasing toll down our throats without asking us FIRST, a toll THEY won't have to pay to get to work) a Ballpark (Where these cheerleading idiots demand that a tax on OUR entertainment (But not their newspaper... oh no, never that) again be rammed down our throats) and other projects that WE have to pay for, while they sit it out.

So, the slimeball who wrote this editorial has to, once again, backhand Tom Mielke.  The first time they did it on this issue was here:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Once again, the Pravda Columbian blows the call: In our view Feb. 12: Rail-Trail Boosted

Clearly, the leftists running the Pravda Columbian are among those idiots that think milk comes from Safeway instead of cows.

They whine and snivel because the commissioner that actually represents the area in question voted "no" on a state government waste of yet another million dollars.

Steve Stuart, wholly-owned subsidiary of Barnett Megacasino Developers, Inc; joins with the rag by pointing out that the "state grant is for a specific purpose."

Neither Stuart, who's vision is clouded by the corruption of his campaign donations from the powers behind the massive casino project that he so longingly supports; nor the fish wrapper idjits can grasp the concept behind Mielke's opposition: the state should not have provided this waste of our taxpayer dollars in the first place.

Here's a clue to the total moron that asked the rhetorical question:
What in the world was County Commissioner Tom Mielke thinking when he voted against the grant? The trail is in his district! Logic dictates that Mielke should be one of its strongest proponents.
YOUR logic, if you can call it that, is that if YOU want it, you're simply incapable of understanding how or why anyone could oppose you. And you thugs continue to do what you do best by ignoring the people... and ignoring facts. Mielke SAID in the SAME article you reference for your lapdog Stuart, this:
"There's been a lot of opposition to this along the way that's been ignored," Mielke said. "I guess I've always had a problem with it."
YOU just decided to selectively quote him; because, after all, except to a low-functioning squash like whoever wrote this editorial, actually DOING YOUR FRICKING JOB AND INCLUDING THIS QUOTE would have gone a LONG WAY TO ANSWERING YOUR IDIOTIC QUESTION.
The logic of a conservative in this matter is simple enough that you leftists should have been able to figure it out instantly: a TRUE representative of the people would concern himself with the negative impacts that will be felt by his own constituency, AND WHERE THIS MONEY IS COMING FROM.

Neither the clown posse running this disgrace to journalism or Steve Stuart give a damn about the impacts to anyone if those impacts interfere with their agenda. That explains why Stuart is committing political suicide by supporting a bridge that we do not want and loot rail that we do not want; and that explains why the Pravda Columbian is circling the drain.

Besides the issue of impacts, that you morons actually believe in the concept of "Free Money" is so completely, sickeningly bizarre as to be stunning in the level of tonedeafness you and Stuart exhibited with your bizarre comments.

There is no such thing as "free money," you idiots. I just shoveled almost $3,000 in Business and Occupation taxes to this state, and you seem incapable of understanding that this "free money" CAME OUT OF SOMEONE'S POCKETS. And HELLO! This state is facing a $6 BILLION deficit! Do we HAVE millions of taxpayer dollars we can waste?

As a liberal rag, it's not surprising that you don't get that. Whether it's this unneeded and unwanted million dollars or $4 BILLION dollars, you people are incapable of understanding that IT ALL COMES FROM SOMEWHERE.

Your inability to grasp these simple facts make both your publication and Steve Stuart a danger to our community. The sooner either of your are no longer able to impact government at any level, the better.

As for Marc Boldt, I will limit my comments to this: a true conservative would not have voted for this. That it's on this waste of paper's agenda is no reason to vote for it; that it's not in either Stuart's or Boldt's district made it an easy vote, because they will not have to deal with the impacts of this moronic effort. They, effectively, made those impacts Mielke's problem.

There. Have I answered your question as to what Mielke, and thousands like him were "thinking?" Get a clue... and get a grip.
I'm sorry that Boldt sold us out. But I'm not sorry that Tom Mielke gets it. And this free money garbage this waste of wood pulp keeps spewing is enough to piss off Mother Theresa.

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