Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The ball's in your court, Jaime. Now what?

So, you and "The Liar" Leavitt have gotten into it. Must feel pretty intense down towards the bottom of the funnel, eh?

So far, your efforts have been weak and half-hearted. Do you believe, for instance, that if Allen West was our member of congress that a gutless little worm like Leavitt would have written HIM a letter like that?

Which, of course, begs the question: why did he think he could write something like that to you?

Because his perception of you roughly matches mine and many other political insiders. Like me, he doesn't think you've got the chops for an old fashioned, good ol' political fist fight.

He troweled out that slop to you because the people who own him like the 13th Amendment didn't exist wanted him to. He wanted to put you in a position where you either have to fish... or cut bait, counting on the likelihood that you'll cave.

Well, your tenure in elective office will never be a new chapter in "Profiles in Courage." Clearly, Leavitt has no respect for you, but then, neither do I... and that's because you have done absolutely nothing to earn it.

Well, Babs... here's your shot. You want respect? You want to BE somebody instead of an anonymous back-bencher, destined to be a Baird-like sub-committee coffee gofer? You want me to get off your case? (And I know damned well you do based on the backdoor messaging I've been getting...)

Then earn it. Give me a reason. Knock that excuse for a man on his political ass.

Or, get used to being used and abused by him and his ilk for what's left of however short a time you'll have in Congress.

Mix it up with this clown. Be fearless. Remember that his political career is over because it's rare that psychopathic liars can get re-elected. That makes him dangerous and puts him in a position to beat on you like a drum because he knows he's got no future. To that end, negotiating with him is as moronic as negotiating with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Take the bull by the horns. Grab the funding spigot for Vancouver in every area and turn that damned thing off.

There's nothing the two state cows can do about it as long as CMR backs your play.

You must respond and soon to this punk's tactics... otherwise, you come across playing to type: all show and no go... and everything that many insiders tell me they actually do think of you.

It's in your court now, Jaime. What'cha gonna do when they come for you?

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David Standal said...

So true... Jaime...we will back you if you stand against Leavitt. This corruption must end or our party and your career will be over soon.