Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nan Malin: ever the liar.

So, I was taking a look at the latest idiocy of Ridgefield Barbie, when I stumbled across an article that contained the usual lies and distortion from arguably the worst county party chair in the history of the WSRP: Nan Malin.

Unfortunately for Americans for Prosperity, they decided to give Nan Malin Kirby Wilbur's former job.  Now I get that Kirby had to throw her a bone to get her rank incompetence of the WSRP Executive Board, but this?

A brief reminder: Malin ran a tiny county organization that failed to field a single Republican candidate for anything.

Let me repeat that:

Malin was in charge of an utterly worthless GOP county organization that failed to field a single candidate, anywhere in the entire county, who ran as a Republican in the last election.

She brought those same mad skillz to the WSRP E- Board, so I get that she had to go... and I have to wonder what those in the 3rd CD organization were thinking by electing a psychopathic liar to the state executive board, but there's no telling for taste...

Anywho, here's the barf-bag special:  
Nan Malin introduced Herrera Beutler, saying the party “made a list of who we could get to run for Brian Baird’s seat. We hounded Jaime. Pacific County played a huge part. We all did what we could to get her elected. I’m so excited she’s representing us.”
Malin, who has been an unmitigated political disaster in every position she's held, was all too modest.  She also was lying here, just like she lied about Senator Benton.

Pacific County played NO part in Barbie's election; in fact, due in large part to Malin's pathetic, nonexistent efforts, Pacific HURT Babs at the polls, with 54.25% of the vote actually going for Bab's OPPONENT (5,169 for Heck, 4,359 for Ridgefield Barbie)

She violated every tenet of her position by endorsing in a contested primary, as did Ryan Hart.  But Hart was bribed with the offer of a 6 figure job as Barbie's district director in return for his abrogation of integrity.  What did Malin get?

While Malin is "so excited" this cardboard cut out is representing us, I am sickened by the thought of it.

And oddly, in the rest of the article, Babs provides no explanation as to why she was only one of TWO Republicans who voted against defunding Obama's idiotic, non-functioning, mortgage savoir plan.

As long as we have people like either of these two making the decisions for us, we are going to be in very, very, serious trouble.

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LewWaters said...

"We all did what we could to get her elected."

She's honest here, somewhat. What she leaves out is all of the dirty underhanded trickery she, Ryan Hart, Anna Miller and many others pulled to backstab and undermine a fellow Republican, demonstrably more qualified for the office than Herrera will ever be.

And, the now vice-chair of the Clark GOP, Stephanie McClintock ran from him when I tried to introduce them. She wouldn't even say hello to a Republican candidate.

I know that for months, Herrera kept saying she wasn't ready to run for Congress. Didn't have the experience yet and you name it, until Baird announced retirement.

Ever the opportunist, less than 2 hours and she was in the race, but then quickly back off saying she was only thinking about it.

By Monday, she was in. All it took was the weekend.

This is why I resigned my PCO position and distanced myself from the party.

"Be the Party?" What the hell for when they do a conservative Republican candidate as they did David Castillo.