Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog Post #2500 Leftist heads are exploding all over SW Washington tonite: Madore and No Tolls cleared by PDC.

Yeah, you know that Tim "The Liar" Leavitt and his posse of bridgers/looters have exploding skulls tonite as word gets out that the PDC has cleared both David Madore AND of any campaign related wrong-doing.

My sense of Madore is that he is without guile, and is a political innocent. How much longer he will stay that way remains to be seen.

But because he's opposed to the leftist/union agenda, character assassination becomes the order of the day.

The local rag pounded him like a drum, and like me, he just shook it off. Those foaming at the mouth (Steve "The Liar" Stuart comes to mind... along with the entirety of Identity Vancouver) in a desperate hope that Madore is "dirty" somehow will be kicking their collective dogs BIG time... as once again, he passed the strict scrutiny they demand of others, but avoid applying to themselves.

You know... like Jim Jacks?

Meanwhile, the bridgers/looters will have to find some other way to take Madore out.  My guess is that Madore's reporting and following the rules will set records in accuracy and timeliness.

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