Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You wanted him, you got him: Obama's Economy

As our Nation teeters on the fiscal brink, we have but ONE person to thank: Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States.

Yes, the person responsible for this is the great President of the United States, a man elected based entirely on his packaging, his sound bytes, his ability to lie.

Our debt will soon match the entirety of our economy's outcome of $14.5 trillion. And yes, I say that Obama is the single point of responsibility for this mess.

I say that because had he turned this ship around, he would be seeking all of the credit for that reversal.

Even his moronic "spending freeze," which he only wants to put into place after an 84% spending INCREASE, is smoke and mirrors, and we have accomplished fiscal disaster.

Will those who lead us have the courage to do what must be done? Will they have the guts to cut entitlements? Will they have the guts to cut the civilian workforce, and reduce the pay, benefits and retirement of the remainder?

Hell no, they won't. And the president damned sure won't act because he's put his re-election FAR ahead of the needs of the people he would govern.

But that's not a new construct, nor is it aimed just a democrats, because the GOP'ers in Congress lack the guts to do what must be done as well.

We are looking at the collapse of our economy and, per force, our country. We're long since past the time we should have done what needed to be done with the luxury of timely, well thought out responses to this problem. Now, our responses will be ultimately of the knee jerk variety, catch as catch can... the ubiquitous shotgun approach.

Obama has become the president I was sure he would be. And now, we all suffer for it.

And as our economy comes to match the "strength" of those economic powerhouses like Greece... the questions for me are these: when do OUR riots start... and who's going to bail us out... and at what cost?

EVERYTHING needs to be cut. Either now, while we still have a sliver of time... or soon, when we're out of time.

And Mr. President, if the direction we're moving is your version of "forward," then give me "backword" every day and twice on Sunday... because I believe we've achieved the "not at all" portion of your plan.


Martin Hash said...

I don’t want to get into a hurly-burly about stimulus spending but if you’re not sleeping due to worry about the deficit – that not the thing that’s going to kill us. Baby-boomers (you and me, brother) are going to take this place down in our old age. Pensions, social security, a collapse of the stock market – that’s what you should be fretting about at night.

Just a guy said...

Oh, I am... believe me. But the deficit has a role in our fiscal drama... and I sure don't want that left out of the play.

Blogging around the Pacific Northwest said...

And if the deficit gets any worse, all government programs and loop holes are up for grabs!

You make a great point. If there is no more money to borrow, who is going to rescue us?

And no one can blame or finger point anymore. It is us, who have been on the credit card binge and eventually someone is going to call on us all to pay for it at some point!

I am coming to my own realization of this. Its time I took some personal steps to do what I have to do to help our country as everyone else should. And no program is off limits....

Just a guy said...

Exactly. But will those running the show EVER show the guts it going to take to make the needed changes? We already know that OUR congresscritter won't.

But who will?

We've SEEN the future... and it's Greece and Ireland with the others about ready to go.

Isn't it common sense that we, as a Nation, should be becoming LESS like those two ideal examples of what NOT to do?

Blogging around the Pacific Northwest said...

Question that needs to be asked & acknowledged is:

"When is all of our debt going to be called?" At some point, our currency and debt will be called, it is just a term of time and when as a people are we going to deal with it?

I doubt many people in our community, region and even at the top are ready to face it.