Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'll be skipping the State of the Union tonite.

First of all, I already know what it is... as do the majority of Americans.

It's a mess. And nothing the Empty Suit will say tonight will change that.

Secondly, the man is a consummate liar. (How's that trillion dollars worth of payoff's to his buddies going to translate to an 8% unemployment ceiling, again?)

So nothing he says will make any real difference.

Competency at any level has not been this guy's watchword. As for me, I'll get more good out of going to the gym and sweating a little more of this lard off.

Meanwhile, I'll check in on the talking heads later tonite.

It's just sad that I've concluded the SOFU is a waste of time. As a political junkie, you'd think I'd conclude just the opposite.

He'll want to spend money we don't have, on projects we don't need. He'll continue to be unphased by the $14 trillion in debt he's buried me, my children, my children's children's children's children's children's children under. He won't take the needed action to fix our foreign policies... so we can regain our place as the pre-eminent superpower.

A blood bill is coming. Who is going to pay it?

He'll take responsibility for nothing, even though if he had managed to keep this ship from sinking, he'd take the credit for everything.

We have the government we deserve. And until he is lawfully replaced... we'll just have to hunker down and survive and then spend the next several generations repairing the damage he caused.

So why listen to him... spin that?


Martin Hash said...

I didn't watch it either and I think the guy's a bloomin' genius.

But I don't need any rah-rahs, and my wife, Gwynne, and I had a nice Happy Hour at Roots with Greg & Gale Kimsey - who obviously didn't watch it either... And the restuarant was full - packed even. I bet a lot of those yuppies were Obamaramas... SOUs are just boring.

Just a guy said...

I think of him more as an idiot savant.

"A little less talk, a little more action" St. Elvis is reported to have sung.

Lew Waters said...

Ya'll didn't miss anything.

27 ovations
6,849 Words

But, the left successfully stifled the visual effect of their stunning losses in November with the intermingling.

The appearance of the majority standing for the unearned ovations was all too obvious.

Boehner didn't cry, but looked like he was choking up a couple times and Biden appeared to nod off a few times.

Either that or he was texting someone.

And, within a half an hour, I received an email from Organizing for America asking me to sign on in support of Obama's agenda, whatever that was.

The new meme?

"Win the Future."

Kriss Mitchell M.Ed., CRC said...

It was on all the radio stations as I drove home tonight and all it did was make me wonder why all this civility and effort to "make things right" didn't happen when the Democrats were in charge of the house. How can the president talk about cutting the budget with any sincerity when his wife took a vacation with a boat load of cronies to Spain at tax payer expense? When he spends money right and left on personal indulgence and uses memorial services as political platforms? Nothing he says makes sense based on past behavior....

In regard to the seating situation, its always difficult to understand why they think that portraying unity is the same thing as being unified. We all know that there is little unity back there. There can't be if the folks who were recently elected stick to their guns. The whole thing is a dog and pony show. Very disappointing. VERY disappointing.

Just a guy said...

I'm reminded of a unity picture a day or two after 9/11.

How long did that last?