Thursday, January 27, 2011

More despicable bridge crap from the democratian.

The rag, having long since abandoned even a remote pretense of even-handedness, spews out another in their years-long series of manure loads trying to BS the people into actually believing that the unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary I-5 bridge replacement/loot rail scam is, in fact, something we need.

Of course, there's nothing in the article by those who oppose this colossal, unjustifiable waste of our money that few, if any, of the cheerleaders behind this crap pile won't have to pay for.

While getting an opposing view to this kind of propaganda is naturally required of the science of journalism... what would the democratian know about that?

Earthquakes are no excuse to replace the bridge... and in this instance, since there is no reason to get rid of the paid-for bridge we have, the rag and the mafia will start to make them up, and force-feed them to the more ignorant in an effort to get them to agree.

What we need, of course, are additional bridges... not a replacement in the same location that will accomplish absolutely nothing in the realm of freight mobility or congestion.

And betting $8 billion or so that a once-in-a-millennium earth quake MAY come along... and that an earthquake that bad wouldn't knock down whatever they replace this bridge with is a bet... with OUR money... that most of us don't want to take.

Let's say, just for yucks, that we do replace the bridge... and the new one gets knocked down as a result of this earthquack.

What are the clowns shilling this going to do or say?

"Oooops... Sorry about that?"

Murray tells us the bridge is unsafe.

Of course, Murray is a damned liar. But like the rest of the lies the democratian shills, that's not going to stop them.

They will say, or do, anything to get this steaming pile built.

And the rag will be lying to us, like they did today, every step of the way.


Martin Hash said...

In the interest of truth: I had one of the bridge engineers (an engineer, mind you, not a politician or union guy) tell me that the current bridge is safe.

I'm still pro-bridge...

We would all be better served if someone with balls was running the show - this is a war against special interests.

Blogging around the Pacific Northwest said...

Kelly, I have seen the reports and though I may not have political interests any way shape or form with Patty Murray or the local snoozemedia propaganda wing, this time they are right.

If you go to the CRC offices and ask to see all of the data that they have on the bridges that is related to the earthquake and liquefaction issues, you will see the same thing I did and martin probably did as well.

Now I do not agree with the way this whole bridge situation has been handled and the PR stunts that are going on. Or how the Light Rail imposition was on the 17th street and Mcloughlin Blvd areas that the land owners WILL have their land impacted whether they like it or not.

And the eight years I have been following a number of these different CRC-like projects, I can think of only one thing, How is the powers that be planning to get around the critics and the vote of the will of the people who is supposed to happen in Nov. 2012?

If light rail goes down to defeat, how are they going to keep this bridge going? I noticed that Robert Liberty is going. David Bragdon is gone and there are several other critics that are being given the heave ho or shoved out of key positions. Jeanne Stewart and Harris were just the latest casualties.

And if the snoozemedia from Southwest corner of SW Washington continues to keep blowing this horn with the same fervor, people are just going to keep tuning them out.

Just a guy said...

I have to disagree.

What they're talking about is an earthquake so catastrophic that it's likely NO bridge would survive.

I defer to Don Wagner at the link, the then Region 6 WADOT Administrator who said:

Wagner said he has no doubts the existing crossings are safe, so much so that he drives and cycles across the spans without hesitation.

"If we don't have an earthquake of any magnitude, those two bridges are going to stay there until something hits them," he said.

What might, possibly, could, maybe, one in a million shot happen doesn't justify a thing... including replacing a bridge that we do not want replaced, that will do absolutely nothing to increase freight mobility or decrease congestion nor relieve any of the pressure on the I-5 corridor that an additional bridge located down river obviously would.

Figures don't lie, but liars figure. As I pointed out, the decision to replace the I-5 Bridge was pre-ordained. These people are spending billions of our scarce transportation dollars for one reason and one reason only: to get an utterly worthless loot rail system into Vancouver... what the people want be damned. Everything they've said and done has been to justify the pre-ordained decision... a decision driven ONLY by loot rail, perhaps the least efficient form of transportation the world knows today.

Murray is the most political of animals, with an endless propensity of wasting billions in tax dollars to pay off her buddies... and if that means the 65,000 families of the commuting public have to bear that burden... and a horrific, unaffordable burden it is... then tough.

Until those pushing the hardest for this have to pay for it along with the rest of us (and how easy it is to force others to pay for what THEY want) and until this issue... the entire project, not just the gerrymandered taxing district, where 10's of thousands will be excluded from voting... but not from paying the taxes or the tolls... then this has precisely zero credibility with me.

And democratian puff pieces where the opposition to this project has precisely no say just strengthens my determination to kill this deal any legal way I can.