Thursday, January 27, 2011

Author: Doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to illegal aliens.

First, this woman is as entitled to her opinion as anyone, although I'm mystified as to why the rag is so impressed with her that they have to provide her a platform for it.

The woman in question, somebody named Sonia Nazario, has received a Pulitzer Prize for writing a series of articles... in 2003... something the local rag won't have to worry about picking up any time soon.

Unfortunately, like the local democratian, she's a woman with an agenda. And she's presented an opinion. And that's all it is.

A fence on the border is anything BUT "misguided." Those who shout that the loudest about such an effort aren't worried about a lack of effectiveness from such measures... in fact, they're concerned about just the opposite... that those efforts will achieve their aim.

"Pulling the plug on the fence" was a political decision, designed to pander to the Sonia Nazarios of the world... because, we're told, the relatively few hispanics that are allowed to legally vote will only do so for those who make it the easiest on illegal aliens.


What she fails to understand is that without the completion of the fence, there is absolutely no way the illegal alien amnesty they so badly want will move beyond the pipe dream phase.

No fence?

No amnesty.

What Nazario is, effectively, advocating is elimination of the border and American responsibility for fixing Mexico's economic problems.

And it's not that I ain't buying that again... it's more like I ain't ever buying that to start with.

We can't even solve our own economic problems, and she just expects us to whip our our check book and voila! No more problem with illegals.


The following steps will substantially reduce to eliminate the illegal alien problem:

1. Severe punishments, including confiscation and imprisonment of those who hire illegals.

2. Require proof of legal status to receive any government service, including education and medical care, with a requirement that those attempting those services without proof of citizenship be reported to ICE immediately.

3. Require proof of legal status to receive or buy housing, motor vehicles open bank accounts or to get a driver's license.

4. End the "destination resort" aspect of the illegal alien trade, such as Washington State's moronic illegal alien in-state tuition law.

5. Complete the fence and all other border security requirements... which will favorably impact not only the illegal alien trade, but the drug trade as well.

6. End automatic citizenship to the children of illegal aliens.

These steps will slow the illegal alien trade to a trickle from the relative flood, and cause those already here to start to leave... not unlike the flood of illegals that left Arizona, post HB1070.

Like our economy and deficit, if we're going to address the problem, then we need to quit screwing around and address it. And that means doing painful things now when we can, instead of doing agonizing things latter, when we have to.

But to infer that this Nation has no other choice when it comes to illegals is political claptrap. And unfortunately, that's all Nazario had to offer.


Martin Hash said...

Just somebody with an obvious agenda dictating that Americans are responsible for foreign problems.

Whatever, killing that "high-tech" moneypit was overdue. Back to barbwire and armed patrols.

Just a guy said...

In the end, the high tech aspect would be more efficient and cheaper.

For security purposes, continuing to do the same... or less... isn't good enough. Putting troops... combat troops... of the National Guard variety is something we must do... and 1200 support troops on the border now isn't close to enough.

Anonymous said...

How about some effective Unmanned Aerial platforms that PROVE that they are effective? Decent, cheaper and more effective and a lot cheaper to man border than with a huge amount of troops or national guard.

That way you could effectively target the areas where they are seriously coming over and nail?

And the platforms do not have to be expensive black painted helicopters like they use on the Northern border that are do loud, any idiot can hear it from afar and will target easier areas.

And may be its not the predator or that level of class that needs to go up. Maybe we can get insitsu (ever heard of them from the gorge?) that could build a remote flight vehicle with good cameras and could possibly stay up there remotely a lot longer and for a lot less money and connected with wireless communications of some form or another.