Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hey, Barbie... show us if you've got some guts.

Your hopefully short-lived tenure has been a disaster to date; your ongoing, cowardly refusal to take a position on anything may be "cute" or "smart" to an empty suit like you... and it may be what your keepers want.

So, here's a way you can repair some small amount of the damage you're causing yourself:

GOP Congressman Walsh Declines Health Insurance

Rep.-elect Joe Walsh of Illinois has become the third freshman Republican to turn down the gold-plated government-sponsored health insurance plan available to lawmakers. "I don’t think congressmen should get pensions or cushy healthcare plans," he tells the Chicago News Cooperative, The Hill reports.

The other two incoming GOP freshmen shunning their government health insurance are Reps. Bobby Schilling of Illinois and Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania.

Democrats are pressuring Republicans in Congress who oppose Obamacare to drop their own government coverage.

That pressure grew after Rep.-elect Andy Harris, R-Md., reportedly complained in a private November meeting that his government healthcare benefits didn’t start until next year.

But Walsh's wife is reportedly upset with her husband's move. She has a pre-existing medical condition and will have to buy her own insurance, the Chicago News Cooperative reports.

I don't see your name there, Babs. So, here's your chance to man up, and dump that Cadillac package that comes with your job.

After all, you were such a liar during your campaign when you babbled that you weren't "the typical Republican."

Well, now's your chance to show it.

Should we hold our breath?

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LewWaters said...

For all of the hoopla over her rigged elections, there is another prominent list she failed to make too, Top 10 GOP Freshmen to Watch

I hope people don't have very high expectations from her.

After all, it's all about her. We little people don't matter, until election time.

I suspect she will end up being well liked by liberals, though.