Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brian Baird: Cowardman (XXXVIII) democratian lies by omission.

In today's continuing saga of the democratian puff pieces wherein the local rag continues their forlorn efforts to rehab the Cowardman's image, we get their most positive spin on Baird's tenure.

Scant, nonspecific mention is made of the true Baird emerging, the hypocritical Baird, the true Lairdian type of politico who kept a lid on it as long as he could.

The rag, for example, mentions, once again, Baird's nonsensical "72 hour rule," shilled for public consumption, but never lived by it's strongest proponent.

That's right. Baird and his propaganda arm, the democratian, never missed the opportunity to trumpet his "demand" that all bills be posted for 72 hours before they were voted on.

You'd think that someone who would champion such a cause would be morally bound to live by its tenets. After all, shouldn't that plan's strongest proponent live by the standard he wanted to set for everyone else?

Apparently not.

In my Cowardman series, I lay out the rank hypocrisy on our esteemed oh-so-soon to be former congressman, hypocrisy that includes wasting huge amounts of taxpayer dollars for his vacations, the facts surrounding his fake death threat babble; and, of course, his many votes for bills that not only didn't have 72 hours of daylight... but had less then a day before, well, he voted yes.

I freely admit that it didn't always happen. But it happened enough to blow holes in his self-proclaimed-but-not-lived-by 72 hour rule...

And the democratian didn't mention that.

Towards the end of his tenure, the real Brian Baird peeped out... we saw it, and the moment we did, his political career here locally went up in smoke. But the 1st District offers new opportunities for Baird... so expect him to take it.

Why else would he move up there?

I expect that as Baird makes public his decision to run for Inslee's seat after Inslee announces for governor, the rag will crank up it's rehab press even more. Because, well, after all... that's what they do if they "like" you. And Baird carried the rag's water like Gunga Din on, among other things, that steaming pile of bridge/loot rail.

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