Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get your head in the game, Laird: the election was November 2nd, not the 3rd.

Like most fringe left nutters, facts have little meaning to John Laird, the democratian's radical leftist in residence. So, I wasn't terribly surprised when he used yet another rather indisputable example of his incompetence, this little nugget in his last roll of used toilet paper:

Over the years, Laird has spewed so many false positions; presented so much tripe in subjects as wide ranging as the unneeded, unwanted and inexcusable waste of billions of dollars to get loot rail into Vancouver specifically and Clark County generally, to the steaming pile contained within his most recent embarrassment to the journalistic science... though, while considering the source of his employment, it shouldn't have been terribly surprising.

The election, you moron, was the 2nd... not the 3rd. And the democrats hosed the GOP, whipping them like rented mules, forcing them to lie about their requirement to vote on anything until the issue of tax rates AND the CR were actually passed.

As Dr. Krauthammer so adroitly pointed out, and you so moronically tried (while failing miserably in the attempt) to rejoin, the GOP has nothing to celebrate here.

They were out-maneuvered at every turn; weakening the military with the new homosexual recruitment tools, dramatically increasing an already horrific deficit, and now, no doubt, caving to the Russians on the START treaty... FURTHER weakening this nation... perhaps the most damage done to our security in one week since the Navy's rum ration was outlawed.

Facts have meaning, Laird. It's a pity they're so unimportant in your world... from the small facts like the date of an election, to the huge facts like your consistent, week in, week out murder of the truth to further your political agenda... the people be damned.

Calendars are your friend, Laird. Look up November 2nd, a day that will live in infamy as the day the base of the GOP was raped by the Republican liars running, if nothing else, the GOP Caucus of the US Senate.

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