Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gotta wonder: who else is Ridgefield Barbie going to hire? Her lackies, Malin and Earling?

Herrera's Handlers have ordered her to keep her campaign team on to make every effort to keep Ridgefield Barbie from jamming her foot in her mouth up to her knee. But that's at party-central for her, Washington, DC.

Who gets the local nod for district office(s) and the like?

Early money are on a couple of morons named Nan Malin and Eric Earling.

Malin is known for two things: spending 12 hours a day increasing her twitter following, and being absolutely the worst county GOP chair in the history of politics.

Malin rolled over and did everything she could to get the Camas Manikin elected, insulting and attacking anyone and everyone who was smart enough to oppose this moron. Hers was one of 3 counties moronic enough to endorse Barbie in the primary... and of those 3 counties... 3... they ran a combined total of ONE Republican candidate. That means, that Ridgefield Barbie, the GOP Queen of the SEIU, nailed down the leftist vote early and often.

As it turns out, there was no lie this low life wouldn't spew for Babs, including writing and having published a vitriolic work of absolute fiction attacking a sitting state senator for telling the truth about that political waste of skin Malin was on her knees in front of for the duration of the campaign.

As for her utter worthlessness as a county party chair?

Were was Malin on election night? You'd think she would have been somewhere in her Pacific County, waiting with other GOP members, candidates, family members and supporters for election returns.

You'd think that.

But, she was here at the Quay, getting pissed off because that same senator told her to stuff it when she approached him after assassinating his character and integrity in a self-attempt to excuse her horrific behavior by characterizing it as "just politics."

And why wasn't she in Pacific County awaiting the returns from the election for the GOP candidates in that county?

Simple. There weren't any.

Malin is so worthless, so utterly focused on Malin to the exclusion of everything else, including her duties as a county chair, that as a result of her Titanic efforts to be THE GOP social butterfly, not a single GOP candidate was running for anything in Pacific County.

That's right. Not one. Democrats could celebrate on filing day, because due to her utter incompetence and her complete use of her position ONLY to further the greater glory of Nansen Malin, not a single Republican filed for any elective office anywhere in Pacific County.

Expect the congressional empty suit to hire her. Having a proven leg-humper on your staff can be invaluable, until you tire of it.

Then there's Eric Earling, a juvenile non-entity who doesn't live within 80 miles of the 3rd District but who worked double overtime to shill for Barbie in ways that were down right embarrassing.

Earling, who's never ran for office, not successfully campaigned for anything since 6th grade, is a legend in his own mind. The other of the 2 coat holders (Malin being the first) Earling was an early kool aid drinker in the Keath Huff/Shannon Barnett mold... and moldy they are.

How could you tell Earling was lying about his Babs? Easy. He twittered.

Like Malin, there was no lie he wouldn't tell in support of a moron who will not be representing HIM, since he lives no where near the district. But then, like most of Barbie's kool aiders, that cult of personality is mystifying to those with fully functioning brains.

I expect Herrera to hire him to sweep out the office or something... because along with Malin, their rabid wheel barrow/shovel act for that moron is worthy of something.

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LewWaters said...

Don't forget her attack dog, once he puts his domestic violence/spousal abuse charges behind him.

Maybe he'll write a dumba$$ coloring book for the princess, too.

Just a guy said...

Are referring to our Marine Corps version of SGT York?

LewWaters said...

Actually, he makes Gomer Pyle look efficient.

At least Gomer was comedy.