Friday, March 19, 2010

Is this why Rossi WON'T run?

I consider the source as I post this. I also consider how terrified the left is of losing the USS Patty Murray, as reliable a solcialist vote/earmarker as ever lived for the past 18 years, spending our money much faster than it's even possible to print.

But if this leftist and now-going-viral article is correct, then Dino would have a very difficult time getting elected to anything.

State Republicans talk tough about taking out U.S. Sen. Patty Murray in what’s shaping up to be a tough year for incumbents, but time’s running out to field a credible challenger, and those WSRP faithful -+holding their breath in anticipation of two-time gubernatorial loser Dino Rossi jumping into the breach are likely to have their faces turn blue long before Washington turns red.

While Rossi would no doubt like to be elected Senator, insiders say he’s not so keen on the idea of running. Nor is serving in the other Washington all that appealing.

The governorship is only as hard a job as you want to make it to be, and Olympia is but a short drive from Rossi’s Sammamish home. But the U.S. Senate is a full-time gig that requires tons of travel and the uprooting of one’s family, and that’s not exactly what Rossi signed up for when the WSRP’s second-choice (Dave Reichert was the inside favorite until he opened his mouth) accepted his party’s gubernatorial nomination back in 2004.

But perhaps the biggest reason why you won’t see Dino Rossi’s name on the “Prefers GOP Party” ballot anytime soon, is that the post-economic-collapse political climate and the financial scandals that precipitated it have virtually assured that Rossi’s own business dealings would be exposed to the kind of public scrutiny he managed to mostly avoid in 2004 and 2008. And it’s not so clear that Rossi’s reputation would hold up so well under such circumstances.

Of course there’s Rossi’s close business relationship with his longtime mentor Mel Heide, who pleaded guilty to bilking millions out of clients two years before Rossi finally severed their ties, not coincidentally in the middle of Rossi’s first political campaign. Heide’s shady real estate dealings have been reported at length, but Rossi’s own business practices while in Heide’s employ have never been fully

Again, we need to consider both the source and their institutional, fringe-leftist bias. But would this kind of thing stand up to the microscopic scrutiny that would result from a Rossi candidacy?

Murray would make this the focus of any Rossi campaign, since she could not win on the issues... her waste of billions in pay for play... her support of that empty suited moron running the country... her lemming-like efforts on the Health Care/Student Loan rip off.

But she COULD win on a corruption platform aimed right between Rossi's business dealings.

Something to ponder.

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Lew Waters said...

I agree with you about the source, but Rossi needs to announce one way or the other.

Either get in it, or Announce no wway and let the others begin building their war chests so we can select, hopefully, a good candidate.