Saturday, March 20, 2010

Impressions of a County Convention-Clark County GOP 20 March.

"I don't belong to any organized political party... I'm a Republican."

That could have easily summed up today's effort by the Clark County GOP.

They live in terror of the Ron Paul types who, apparently, "took over" the 49th District in '08. As a result, they slipped in a change to the rules that served to silence the delegates at the convention from running any resolutions from the floor.

"Time" was the excuse given. But at the end of the day, "time" is no excuse for silencing the bedrock of the local GOP.

The convention "HAD" to close at 5:00 PM sharp, we were told. So, therefore, in the interest of "time," we had to silence the delegates. That wasn't the main excuse, of course, but it was the excuse given.

I pointed out that one way to fix that would be to find a facility that DIDN'T have to close at 5:00 pm, because doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome is, well, you know.

So, I made an effort to amend the rules. I made a motion to strip out the language limiting resolutions to those submitted in writing prior to March 13... and I was hammered.

Later, I was told by the chief tool of the hammering that it was because I had, they thought, thrown my lot in with the Paulinista's. That was wrong on so many levels, but because of their fear, I was turned into collateral damage by people who could not and would not tolerate any agenda that did not closely dovetail with their own.

Then, the candidate speeches started.

Herrera got up and did a Barbie cheerleader speech typical of someone with cardboard depth and a vacuous grasp of the issues. Here's clue, Jaime: we don't care that you used to be able to play basketball. The president can do that, and look at what a total moron he is.

Doug Simpson, speaking for Clint Didier, got up and went off script, losing Didier the few votes he had in the room. Benton did his usual fine job, polished by years of experience and a deep passion for the job; David Castillo got up and actually made sense; the newest candidate (who's name escaped me) got up and talked about the things important to him, but didn't do to well due to his lack of experience. A large group of candidates spoke to a surprisingly small number of delegates, considering.

When I've had the chance to review the speeches, I'll critique them here, and folks can draw their own conclusion.

I then went in search of Herrera supporters who, could explain to me what they could possibly see in Ridgefield Barbie to support her.

I couldn't find one who could articulate it.

We split off into districts to elect delegates to the state convention.

I have actually run a state convention (Spokane in 2000) and attended a National Convention (Philadelphia in 2000) and I, personally, would rather dive into a pool of burning hydrochloric acid then do either again.

But others wanted to. We were, as I recall, supposed to elect 30 delegates and 30 alternates. I only knew 8 people on the list I could support, and I added 2 who said they were veterans. So, I voted for 10. I didn't know or care who was elected for either the rest or the the alternates.

For the 18th District, it took about 3 hours to get the delegates and the alternates voted in. So, we started on the platform and resolutions two hours late.

My resolution from the caucuses, to require a county wide vote on the horrific waste of money known as the I-5 Bridge/Loot rail project, was adopted.

I discussed the issue with Marc Boldt. Boldt pledged to me that he would support putting the question onto the November ballot this year.

I will hold him to his word, because I already know that Tom Mielke will support putting the question to the people in an advisory vote scenario, which is what Marc agreed to as well.

So, we should hopefully see that coming up soon.

Anyway, it ended. The Benton Bars (Chocolate and maple bars, a Benton tradition) vacuumed up, the various cookies and gallons of coffee, the every-two-year fix for folks to hear themselves speak; the announcement by Jim Dunn that he was going to run again... the massive and unrelenting egos and the typical lack of competence.

What I've come to expect every county convention.


Lew Waters said...

While I may understand the reasoning behind the new rule on motions from the floor, I diagreed with it.

There are probably few if any more of a thorn in the butt of the Paulistas than I am, just ask them some time.

I detest how they have tried to disrupt meetings and push their agenda.

But, blocking from doing it, stifling their speech in essence, lends credence to their claim that they are persecuted.

It also keeps newcomers that may be at their first convention from seeing how they are operating.

Debate was cut off before I had a chance to get up to speak, but I was one of the few voting for your motion.

There were some decent speeches and as usual, totally boring ones.

The young man, Anthony Bittner, who is running just might have a good future if her stays in politics.

David Castillo gave his usual inspiring speech and the mic failure when Ann Rivers spoke seemed to actually benefit her, as she was able to get out from behind the lecturn and speak.

Jaime's was so so and Russell's was god awful in that he was more reading than delivering a speech.

I was grateful to see two State Supreme Court Justices show up as we often ignore those races and many voters chose who to vote for by a flip of the coin.

I still think the best part of the day was before the convention when I saw Jaime Herrera had issued her call for Denny Heck to make his position on Pelosi's healthcare known,,,, as David Castillo did a month ago.

Anonymous said...

The reason the GOP doesn't understand what the "Paulistas" want is the same reason why the GOP is dying and deserves it rightfully so. I was at the Spokane convention as a Paul delegate. Not only were maneuvers made constantly to keep Paul delegates from putting forth resolutions, but the overall moronic support of leftist McCain allowed us to have Obama today. The GOP didn't care that McCain is just a leftist shill. He said he's GOP and that's all that matters. Not his actions. Just his words and he's wearing the team colors. Suckers...

The GOP should just admit that Paul was right on just about everything he said. He was right on the economy. Right on civil liberties. Right on health care. Finally, he was right on the hopeless wars being fought overseas and getting the troops home ASAP before we piss any more money away in that third world toilet.

I had hope at one time that the GOP would turn itself around. But the honest truth is it's so rotted from the core out that it is beyond saving. From that useless chairman Steele to state GOP Esser. The entire party is full of statists that talk a good game but deliver just the opposite. Yet, the GOP flag wavers will continue marching no matter how disastrous the direction just because the leaders claim to represent GOP ideals.

The GOP is dead. They are just as bad as the Dems and the country is getting the leadership it deserves.